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Food Addiction Treatment

Treating Food Addiction

Food Addiction Help

At CapeRecovery, we don’t just offer quality treatment for drug, alcohol and process addictions but we also provide the best eating disorder treatment, food addiction treatment and food addiction recovery programs. Very often, good quality food addiction help is difficult to find as treating food addiction is a very complex process. An addiction to food is often very difficult to understand for some people because it involves an everyday thing that you cannot avoid completely, it is however a very real and serious problem. There’s no point being vague about it, it is an addiction and it involves being addicted to food (especially processed junk foods) in exactly the same way as drug addicts are addicted to drugs and alcoholics addicted to alcohol. I have many friends who have battled food addiction and they all express that the symptoms are identical, it simply is just a different substance of abuse. As we move on in addiction science, studies continue to confirm that food addiction is a very real problem as it involves the same brain areas as drug addiction and affects the brain in the same way, food becomes the fix, the only thing that helps escape uncomfortable feelings. The sad thing about food addiction is that it is, like drugs and alcohol, a temporary fix and the feelings only come back, sometimes with the added feelings of guilt and regret. Again, in accordance with other addictions, food addiction is a problem that will rarely, probably never, resolve on its own and with time, it only gets worse. It is making life hell for people today but it will also cause health problems down the line if left untreated. It has a dramatic effect on a persons self-esteem, making them feel horrible about themselves and ultimately it can end with an early death. The positive thing though, like other addictions, is that there is a way out of the emotional torture and confusion of this debilitating disease.

Treating Food Addiction Help, Food Addiction Treatment, Food Addiction Recovery
Treating Food Addiction Help – Food Addiction Treatment, Food Addiction Recovery


Food Addiction Treatment and Food Addiction Recovery

When an addiction to food is being treated there are many factors that must be taken in to account, there are psychological, emotional, social and physical aspects to be treated individually and as a whole. At our specialist eating disorder treatment centre they are experienced in dealing with addictions and they have the full multi-disciplinary team of professionals including drs, psychiatrists, nurses, counsellors and more on hand to help ease the client through every stage of the process. I have many friends who have come through this place and everyone speaks of it highly and has fond memories of being there and working through their issues in the homely, family like atmosphere that they promote. I can’t think of a better place to deal with addiction to food and other related eating illnesses and I certainly don’t know that one even exists! As with everything we do, we carry out a full pre-assessment to ensure that this is the best possible place and we follow all our client right through the process of treatment and recovery in our own unique way. We visit clients whilst in treatment, offer support to the family back home who are often forgotten  at this difficult time and we arrange follow up with aftercare, sober living options and even some exciting voluntary work experiences if required, all as part of the great, complete CapeRecovery service!

So, for the best way of treating food addiction help, contact us and we will show you our wonderful clinic for food addiction treatment and a prolonged food addiction recovery!