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Eating Disorder Rehab with CapeRecovery

Cape Town Eating Disorder Treatment

Our Cape Town Eating Disorder Treatment is located in a beautiful eating disorder rehabilitation centre with a homely and caring environment, treating all of these Eating Disorders. The community is close nit and small which makes for a supportive and family like atmosphere. This kind of environment is the ideal way to treat an often confusing and complex illness. It is similar to addiction treatment in many ways because the behaviours are the route cause of the overall problem and a program of discipline is required, however I believe that eating disorders should, in an ideal world, be treated at a specialised eating disorder rehab. We are fortunate to have just the place which is fully registered and has 24 hour medical care for both the physical and the psychological aspects of the disease. This is a part of the CapeRecovery Speciality Clinic group and fits in nicely with our desire to find the perfect place for an individuals needs. Our new and improved way of identifying the best rehab treatment in Cape Town for each and every client is becoming hugely popular because we are totally independent and work hard for our clients by making an individualised assessment and locating a suitable place based purely on the information we find out and not on loyalty to a specific clinic or rehab. We love doing what we do and we believe in well thought out and planed placement as the best way of saving any future expense and pain. We work with those looking for help in order to find a place that is perfectly suited to the person in need of help, meaning that if there is a cost to the treatment, then any money needed can be spent wisely and you or your loved one can receive the best possible standard of care on offer here. Following eating disorder rehabilitation and a stay in our excellent eating disorder rehab, we focus on maintenance. Maintaining ones recovery is key to living a happy life and a big part of what we do is to integrate the person back into the wider community by encouraging engagement with other people in recovery of all kinds and many people recovering from eating disorders find comfort and support in meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous  (NA) not only because they often share drug and alcohol problems but even if they don’t, the sense of community, friendship and general recovery is therapeutic and engages people. I believe very strongly that the real hard work starts after we stop any kind of addictive behaviour and as a result, living life without slipping back into those behaviours is often the most difficult part. That’s why here at CapeRecovery, we plan the whole process from beginning to end and are around for the family and the loved ones who are affected by the individuals illness, whenever they need us.

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Why is Cape Town Eating Disorder Treatment so good?

When undergoing eating disorder rehabilitation, the individual needs support from their peers and I have spoken on many occasions about my belief in the role of a solid recovery community in the process of recovering from all kinds of eating disorders, behavioural addictions and substance addictions alike. Cape Town recovery community is one of the best and, in the local area, there is a large network of treatment centres covering all eating disorders, addictions and process addictions and as a result, there are lots of people here in treatment of some description. The therapeutic effect of one person in recovery helping another has been and still is an effective and proven method. People in recovery, however long they have been there, offer support to one another and in my opinion, the supportive environment that ensues, coupled with correct initial placement in a perfectly suited clinic, is the secret to a long and happy recovery. It really is not complicated, we believe in giving the person the best possible chance at a full recovery from their eating disorder, people who are vulnerable and scared need hope, people in recovery offer hope and that hope breads confidence, it’s contagious!

Eating Disorder Rehabilitation – How does Eating Disorder Rehab in Cape Town with Cape Recovery work?

Cape Town Eating Disorder Treatment is excellent and fits into the wider community of people in recovery here, we work with what I consider to be the best of it’s kind. I don’t work for any of the organisations in Cape Town who run these places so that enables me to form a non biased opinion. Impartiality is key to a good and full rehab experience and when the people charged with making decisions begin looking at it as a business, their priorities and loyalties often begin to become blurred. The way we always operate is by treating the initial enquiry in an open-minded fashion, we make no pre-conceived decisions on the most suitable course of treatment until we reach the point where we have gathered enough information to make a recommendation for the complete length of treatment, a full plan from admission, treatment, discharge and beyond with our sober living house options, voluntary experiences and more. The whole assessment process is carried out by quality triage staff and the most important thing to us is our ability to make an impartial decision and allow the client to make an informed choice on the best Eating Disorder Rehab for them.

Finding the finest Cape Town Eating Disorder Treatment and Eating Disorder Rehab doesn’t have to be difficult so see what we can do for you, we work with what is, in my opinion, the best specialist Eating Disorder Rehabilitation Clinic around, Contact Us today!