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Treating Depression and Addiction

Treating Depression and Addiction

Treating Depression and Addiction alongside one another is a specialist subject. The depression is often brought on by the substance use and the substance use can also be a result of the depression. It may be that there is a serious mental health problem that needs correct treatment or it may be that whatever the underlying problem is can be easily dealt with once the alcohol or drugs are removed from the equation. This is why, in my opinion, a period of time in a fully equipped treatment centre that specialises in dual-diagnosis issues is the most suitable way forward. They can assist with detox, then asses the client fully to see what the real issues are. This is the best way of healing and getting through the confusion of the dual-diagnosis problem to discover the facts and to treat accordingly. If you contact us today then we can arrange the perfect depression and alcohol treatment, depression and drug rehab or depression clinic, CapeRecovery package of care for you today.

Depression and Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol itself is a depressant and it’s not unusual for those suffering from some degree of depression or anxiety to be attracted to it for it’s numbing qualities. This can of course lead to confussion or misdiagnosis, particularly if the person is not totally honest about the extent of their alcohol use. As mentioned before, it is important to remove any alcohol from the equation in order to give an accurate psychiatric diagnosis of a clients condition. Usual treatment for depression and alcohol would involve a short period in detox to safely ensure that there is no alcohol in the system, followed by a month in treatment where the client can get all the help they need.

Treating Depression and Addiction - Depression Clinic, Depression and Alcohol Treatment, Depression and Drug Rehab
Treating Depression and Addiction – Depression Clinic, Depression and Alcohol Treatment, Depression and Drug Rehab

Depression and Drug Rehab

Again, depression and drug use are a very common combination, be it recreational drugs, illegal drugs or prescription drugs. People with underlying mental health issues often use drugs as a way of attempting to regulate their mood. This is a dangerous and often counter productive move as all drugs have different effects and side effects and when the drug is addictive more and more needs to be taken, leading to dependence on the substance. Again, the best treatment would be in a registered dual-diagnosis clinic to safely detox the client before dealing with the underlying issues and the remaining psychiatric problem.

Depression Clinic

At CapeRecovery, we work very closely with the best dual-diagnosis clinic in Cape Town and we also have a Luxury Retreat where a person can go away to be in beautiful surroundings as well as being well cared for and get all the psychiatric and substance treatment that they require. Even if the problem isn’t necessarily with the drugs or alcohol, people come to this place for peace and to address any mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. Once stable and on any required meds, the person usually goes on to lead a fulfilled life.

So, to get into the best places for treating depression and addiction, be it depression and alcohol treatment or depression and drug rehab, we work with the finest depression clinic in South Africa, Contact Us today!