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The CapeRecovery Experience

The CapeRecovery Experience

When CapeRecovery began two years ago, we wanted to make recovery available to all. We also wanted to help the people of South Africa access quality rehab and recovery treatment regardless of their ability to pay. This has proved a big task and we work closely with many charities and voluntary organisations to do what we can. The other aim was to open up the overseas rehab and recovery market by offering Cape Town as the perfect destination for a full recovery with our unique rehab packages whilst still keeping our promise not to overcharge people and only ever charge local prices for clients from overseas. I’m delighted how much this concept has taken off already and am looking forward to the summer season and welcoming people from all over the world here to Cape Town with CapeRecovery. This is what we we’ve been building towards and it has developed through a lot of hard work and building of partnerships into something unique and highly effective. It’s the pay once and receive everything you need for anything from a month to a year of top quality, fully supported recovery and rehab package, with lots of exciting things along the way. I have always spoken about the importance of recovery being viewed as a process or a journey if you like. I don’t believe that years of addiction issues can be overcome by a short stint in rehab alone and I also believe that the initial months are the most important time for any addict new in recovery. Continued care and support at this time is the key as well as surrounding oneself with the correct people, those who you can relate to, who want to hep you in your journey and who ultimately want you be a success. It is this thought process that has led to The CapeRecovery Experience and we can tailor it to suit each individual clients requirements. It is also something that has come from my own experience as both a professional in the addiction treatment field and as an alcoholic and addict in recovery myself. I wanted to offer people the opportunity that I had to come to Cape Town, get and stay clean and sober and interact with an amazing recovery community all in a convenient package aimed at people from overseas. The most important thing to me however, was to provide top quality care, not charge the earth and to keep costs to a minimum so that is why I work only with the best, hand-picked treatment centres and rehabs but also only pay them local prices for all my overseas clients. This makes for an affordable and truly effective experience with the unrivalled CapeRecovery care and support at every step of the journey.

The CapeRecovery Experience Rehab Packages - Rehab and Recovery, Addiction Treatment, Rehab Package
The CapeRecovery Experience Rehab Packages – Rehab and Recovery, Addiction Treatment, Rehab Package

Rehab and Recovery – The Complete Addiction Treatment, Process Addiction Treatment, Dual-Diagnosis Treatment and Eating Disorder Treatment Rehab Package

We have a number of rehab packages that we tailor fully to the individual clients needs. All of these rehab and recovery packages are based in Cape Town, our luxury rehab package has a stop off in Nelspruit on the way in order to receive a bit of 5 star treatment and even spa and safari days. Everything is included except for the flights and spending money and when in sober living, a self-catering arrangement is in place. This gives more freedom and a more realistic life and transition period.

The CapeRecovery Experience – Rehab Packages

Full Rehab Treatment Packages for all Addictions, Process Addictions, Dual-Diagnosis Issues and Eating Disorders:

Primary, Extended Care and Sober Living Experience (3 months – 1 year)

Primary and Sober Living (3 months or 6 months)

Luxury Rehab Safari to Cape Town Recovery Experience (3 months – 1 year)

Intensive Rehab – Primary, Secondary Rehab (1 month – 3 months)

Sober Retreat or Holiday – for people who have already done detox and rehab back home. (1 month – 6 months)

Sober Living in Cape Town – for people already through detox and primary rehab (3 months to 6 months)

Secondary Rehab with Sober Living including volunteering or a choice of many other activities (3 months to 1 year)

Full detox, rehab, sober living and volunteering package (6 months – 1 year)

Specialist Eating Disorder Experience (3 months – 6 months)

Substance Addiction Recovery Experience (3 months – 6 months)

Process Addiction Rehab and Recovery Experience (3 months – 6 months)

Luxury Surf and Safari Experience – a month in our 5 star rehab with safari at the Kruger National Park followed by 2 – 5 months in beautiful Cape Town where you can do surf lessons, yoga, personal training and guided walks and many other exciting excursions whilst learning to live life amongst the Cape Town Recovery Community. (3 months – 1 year)

So, if you have chosen a rehab package that you want us to tailor for you or want more info on costs or details of all our rehab packages, Rehab and Recovery and Quality Addiction Treatment doesn’t get any better or more affordable than The CapeRecovery Experience, Contact Us Today!