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Addiction Recovery

The CapeRecovery Model of Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery – Help for Addicts

Maintaining Sobriety and Staying Clean and Sober

The CapeRecovery Model of Addiction Recovery – It saddens me that often, within the big business of rehab and recovery, people are often forgotten. We need to remove the myth that a short stint in rehab is a quick fix to addiction. Addiction recovery is far more complex and personal than that and although rehab is the ideal way to begin the process and get into the recovery mind-set, what does an addict do when they come out, when they are surrounded by the same people, places and things? Re-lapse rates are incredibly high, people die and that is the reality of this disease if the addict is not looked after throughout the whole process and beyond. This is the CapeRecovery model of Recovery, we offer authentic help for addicts so that all our clients have the best possible chance of a long and happy life. With us being actively involved, the chances of that happening are certainly increased, I honestly believe that. Some people don’t like the 12 steps (I personally do and they have taught me a lot, it is a very practical program). It doesn’t matter what your point of view is, the key is that staying clean and sober and maintaining sobriety takes work, essentially it is about living in the new way you have learnt, on a daily basis. Below is the CapeRecovery model of Addiction Recovery, it is meant as a help for addicts, to be straight forward and used alongside whatever program or knowledge about maintaining sobriety and staying clean and sober that you already have. It stems from my discovery of addiction recovery and I wish that someone had spelt it out to me in a simple fashion 5 years ago when I first tried to get and stay clean and sober.

The CapeRecovery Model of Addiction Recovery, Help for Addicts, Maintaining Sobriety, Staying Clean and Sober
The CapeRecovery Model of Addiction Recovery – Help for Addicts – Maintaining Sobriety and Staying Clean and Sober

The CapeRecovery Model of Addiction Recovery.

  • In my experience everything is based on your past and in particular, your core beliefs. Addicts hold on to negative core beliefs and often ignore the positives. The perception of yourself that you have gained since childhood, your formative years, stuff you learnt back then stays with you. You learn what you think people think about you, it doesn’t even matter if it’s true, the fact that you believe it makes it a part of your identity. We have to re-train ourselves by working on our negative core beliefs about ourselves. In recovery we stop that cycle of making the same mistakes over and over again so we begin to realise that in many ways we have always been wrong about ourselves. We really do become new and improved people in recovery but it takes time and hard work.
  • Damages and wrongdoings from the past remain with you, these things are compounded by and re-enforce the negative core beliefs. We cannot move on until we understand the difference between accepting responsibility and punishing ourselves for past mistakes. We must face up to and deal with any anger we still hold on to and we must do all we can to let the people we have hurt know that we didn’t mean the harm and that we are addressing the way we handle situations in the future. Sometimes the only thing you can do is stay clean and sober and keep moving forward.
  • When addressing everything from the past it becomes overwhelming, the way forward is to focus on small positives, actually do what was once alien to you and praise yourself for small achievements. You can’t repair everything overnight, don’t try to. Things move forward once there is a little hope, it grows with time and new problems become easier to deal with.
  • Independence is a great way to motivate yourself and improve self-esteem. Addicts often cling to something or someone to give them self worth. Try living as a single person without being reliant upon substances, behaviours or other people. Many people give up the substance or behaviour and remain in a loop of relationships on which they base their worth. This is not to say a recovering addict must remain single forever, just that if relationship problems and the reliance on a partner have been an issue in the past, take some time out to enjoy being you and learn to like yourself again.
  • Do good things for other people, the traditional way of helping addicts who are new in recovery is great. The good feeling that being appreciated for doing something selfless and without an agenda is incredible.
  • Don’t slip back into your old ways, keep doing the next right thing and keep asking yourself why you are doing things, check your motives for every decision you make. It becomes easier to do the right thing instinctively. Most importantly, don’t give up, amazing things always happen but be patient. Our addictions often took years or decades to develop to crisis point, it’s not going to be perfect overnight but it’s always going to be a lot better than it was.
  • Finally, don’t pick up that drink or drug, however bad it seems, it always gets worse if you go back.

So, that is the CapeRecovery Model of Addiction Recovery, we offer help for addicts at every stage of the process, we are the addiction recovery experts and we love helping people in maintaining sobriety and staying clean and sober, Contact Us today!