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CapeRecovery Substance Addiction Recovery Experience

CapeRecovery Substance Addiction Recovery Experience

We have designed this particular CapeRecovery Experience purely with Substance Addictions in mind. These are the most widespread and obvious of all addictions and they do not discriminate, there is no particular type of person who becomes addicted to a substance. People from all backgrounds who are addicts will, in time, succumb to their addiction and this can be any particular drug from over the counter or prescribed drugs to the array of illegal drugs and often the easily accessible and socially acceptable, Alcohol. Whatever the addiction may be, we treat each client individually and only work with the best rehabs and treatment centres out there, we also pre-asses every client in order to determine which route is the most appropriate in order to provide truly cost-effective treatment for everyone. At CapeRecovery, we encourage local people and those from overseas to spend a length of time in some sort of specialist substance addiction treatment and this usually comprises of an initial period in a specific substance addiction rehab environment followed by options of continued care or sober living. It is the CapeRecovery way to support each of our clients throughout the process and always offer the lowest local prices on offer anywhere and choice at every stage, that’s what makes us truly unique, our honest and independent advice and information. Find out more about Alcohol Addiction Rehab and Drug Addiction Rehab options available to you or your loved one below.

Substance Addiction Rehab - Alcohol Addiction Rehab, Drug Addiction Rehab, Substance Addictions
Substance Addiction Rehab – Alcohol Addiction Rehab, Drug Addiction Rehab, Substance Addictions

Substance Addictions – Substance Addiction Treatment and Substance Addiction Rehab

Find out more about a specific drug addiction, alcohol addiction or simply find out more about the addiction rehabilitation process here.

The CapeRecovery Substance Addiction Treatment Experience is tailored to the individual needs of the client. In most cases a period in detox is required to safely remove any drugs from the system but this is always included in the cost of the first month of treatment. Following the first month, we have options and we tailor these to the needs and the budget of the individual client. We are of the belief that the longer a person is in some kind of supported environment, the better the chances of a full and happy recovery so if our client will benefit from a longer treatment at a lesser cost environment then we will arrange that. The ideal is to do a month in primary, two months in secondary and three months in our excellent sober living house. A six month experience may seem a lot but when you compare it to the years that have led up to the point where a person accesses treatment and look towards the rest of a persons future, the it makes complete sense, particularly when traveling from overseas for the most complete rehab and recovery experience on offer anywhere at the lowest local prices.

Alcohol Addiction Rehab – Drug Addiction Rehab

As explained, a period of detox is required for most drugs and most certainly for a chronic and long term alcohol addiction. It is dangerous to simply stop on ones own and that is why we medically detox all our clients where their situation dictates. We include this as part of the overall cost of the first month in Primary Rehab and once this is done we open up options for extended care and sober living purely based on the clients requirements.

The CapeRecovery Experience

As the client progress through the process with the CapeRecovery Experience, they will become more keen to engage socially with the wider recovery community in Cape Town. This is where the real magic happens as they learn to enjoy the clean and sober life and start to participate in all that we offer in the way of activities such as surfing, yoga and physical training lessons, visiting the beaches of Cape Town and even taking on one of our volunteering opportunities with our partners at African Sunrise! This truly is a once in a lifetime, cost-effective, fully supported and incredible opportunity at dealing with any addiction in a once off unique and complete way.

So, that is the CapeRecovery Substance Addiction Recovery Experience, quality and affordable Substance Addiction Rehab, Alcohol Addiction Rehab and Drug Addiction Rehab, dealing with Substance Addictions has never been more effective or straightforward, Contact Us Today!