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Addiction Intervention

Family Addiction Help – Family Intervention

Addiction Interventions – Support the addict into Rehab

At CapeRecovery we care for the family of the addict just as much as the addict themselves. We understand the pain and suffering that having a loved one who’s life is taken over by addiction can cause. Sometimes however, family and friends are just too close to tackle an addiction problem all on their own. There are some tips on approaching the subject with the addict in the initial stage on our family page. All families are complicated and confrontation over substance use and behaviours frequently leads to arguments and rarely achieves anything when tackled within the family unit. The way we tackle this is by arranging a family intervention, where a representative of CapeRecovery and a qualified addiction counsellor trained in intervention, step in and control the situation at the point of confrontation, with a view to encouraging the individual to access treatment or accept any help offered. We have a professional and unique way of doing this, I pay the counsellor the rate they normally charge and accompany them myself. We structure the intervention in a way that the counsellor gets to chat alone to the person needing help to get an idea of the situation whilst I talk to the rest of the family about options for treatment and the possible outcomes. Then we all meet together and the family intervention is guided by our counsellor. It’s a vital part of the process and that is why our interventions are planned and carried out professionally. Other people do it differently but I believe our way is the best, encouraging openness and honesty and giving everyone involved a chance to tell the person how they are feeling, all in a controlled environment with two experienced professionals present. If successful, we can arrange for instant admission for the client and even if not, the whole process is a valuable experience for all involved as it highlights the problem and enables the family to speak openly about the effects that the addiction is having on everyone. In my experience, an addict must acknowledge that their using and behaviour is affecting others and not just themselves and this is a big part of the healing process for the whole family.  Ideally, the person should be ready and willing to access treatment however, in reality, many just aren’t at that stage and if they are a danger to themselves or those around them then they must be told what affect their substance use is having on the family. We aim to make this process as easy and as painless as possible. Our family addiction help extends to arranging a family intervention, substance abuse intervention (drug addiction intervention) and whatever the outcome, arranging the next step for you and your loved one.

People over-complicate the addiction intervention process and some people don’t give it enough care and attention. We have found the perfect balance by knowing what we are going to do before we arrive. It is really pretty simple and in my experience of taking part, everyone usually gains from the experience, they all get an opportunity to be heard. When done correctly, usually amongst the family and in the family home, it is ultimately a very positive experience for all as it moves things forward. An independent person involved (two in our case) is the key as they can monitor the process and steer away from any arguments and disagreements that often crop up when families get together. If the addict is feeling a sense of too much pressure then they can feel picked on and this can be counter productive, it must always be handled with care so as to provide an environment where everyone feels able to speak honestly, openly and without fear of retribution. This is often a difficult balance to maintain and that’s why the experience of the counsellor is the key. At CapeRecovery, we can be on hand to facilitate interventions if the addict is struggling to get to rehab or to make that big decision or if they are still not aware of what effect their addiction is having on the rest of the family.


Essentially, interventions are designed to open up conversations in a constructive manner, they often provide that breakthrough required to breach the subject. It is common that the addict doesn’t even realise the negative side of their addiction until it is pointed out to them. They are usually out of control and behave awkwardly in society and thus towards the family. They often just need some objective and useful feedback on their behaviour. It is through this non-judgmental, non-critical, systematic drug intervention process that the individual is able to clearly see their own lifestyle choices and make choices to alter the situation. Our family addiction help provides a base for the whole family to understand and address the issues that are affecting everyone in a balanced manner.

Interventions should always be very pro-active and although it is true that the addict needs to want to change ultimately, the process is more about opening their eyes to the chaos and pain that their behaviour is causing, show them the situation as it really is. It helps to speed up the process and hopefully avoid even worse consequences in the future as addiction doesn’t simply disappear, it only ever gets worse unless treated.

You must remember that addiction is an illness and that although the person is responsible for their direct behaviours, they are unwell and often don’t mean what they do or say. We offer family addiction help because addiction really is a family disease.

Substance Abuse Intervention - Family Addiction Help, Family Intervention, Drug Addiction Intervention
Substance Abuse Intervention – Family Addiction Help, Family Intervention, Drug Addiction Intervention

Substance Abuse Intervention – Drug Addiction Intervention

Substance abuse intervention and drug addiction intervention are our most common types of addiction intervention. When a person has a drug, alcohol or any other kind of addiction, the addiction naturally becomes the most important thing in that persons life. Other things begin to matter less and less until eventually, the only thing that the addict has any interest in is the substance or addictive behaviour. Once they are at this stage, the addict is essentially a different person and although they may usually be a very kind and honest person, they will now do anything to get hold of the substance that they need, even steal from family members. When confronted about their using, they will inevitably try to protect it, hang on to the drugs or substance, so they could well become defensive or sometimes aggressive as they try to cling onto the addiction. This is why families are often the very last people to get through to a person, they are simply too much of a threat to the addict continuing their using and the addict will protect that at all costs. The drug addiction intervention (substance abuse intervention) will educate the family and teach them to be firm yet fair with their loved one.

So that’s what we do with regard to drug addiction intervention (substance abuse intervention) as a part of our effort to offer family addiction help to all, we arrange everything and come to you to carry out the whole process, regardless of how long it takes. Intervention is an initial step, hopefully leading to admission into treatment. We aim to make this process as easy and as stress free as possible in what is always a difficult time for everyone. CapeRecovery’s unique approach is flexible, professionally managed and we work on a sound basis of honesty and integrity. We never make promise we cannot keep but we always do all we can to help. Contact Us to ask any questions or get help organising an intervention.

As we now have a brilliant intervention counsellor on board at CapeRecovery, we can arrange to come out and do the complete family intervention in your own home and we will put everything in place for an instant rehab admission should the intervention be successful.

So, for the best Family Addiction Help, Family Intervention, Substance Abuse Intervention (Drug Addiction Intervention) with me and our intervention counsellor and make the process as easy and straight forward as possible with CapeRecovery, just Contact Us today and we will arrange it!