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Sponsor An Addict

CapeRecovery – Sponsor An Addict

CapeRecovery – Sponsor An Addict – The growth of CapeRecovery over the last two years has been incredible, not in terms of income, it has been an expensive venture that has used up all of my savings, but in terms of support and social awareness, showing that there actually is an achievable and successful way out of addiction for those who truly desire it. This is my passion and am regularly invited to share my views on drugs and addiction related issues in the media here. I speak a lot about decriminalising minor drug use and instead supporting and helping the person. I want to spread a message of hope, one that doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, one that inspires people to care for their fellow man regardless of race, social status, wealth or anything else. The message of humans helping humans is what keeps fellowships such as Alcoholics Anonymous going and people do get through this debilitating disease. Cape Town, like the rest of this beautiful country is ravaged by the drug and alcohol epidemic and the only proactive way is to help people one at a time but not just offer them hand outs where resources can and do disappear quickly. The country is ruled by corruption from the top down, this is no secret and it spreads a feeling of distrust and selfishness in order to just survive. This breaks my heart to see but it is the reality, we want to gain back some control for the people by offering them a way out and providing them with the support and the ‘tools’ they need to get back on solid ground and in turn enabling them to help others around them. The mission statement of CapeRecovery has always been that recovery from addiction is for everyone who truly desires it and I stand by that.

Sponsor An Addict, CapeRecovery
Sponsor An Addict – CapeRecovery

I regularly get calls and e-mails from people who are desperate for help but have no idea or means of going about getting it. About 80% of people who contact us have nothing and we always give them something, be it quality advice and information or referral to a free or sponsored rehab. We also follow them throughout the process to ensure they and their family are prepared for life after rehabilitation, the point at which the challenges of the real world return and the hard work begins. I have a short list of people ready and willing to begin their new journey and who want to help others in the future with the support of CapeRecovery. I feel if we help these people then we will produce a team of individuals who have been given a chance and will grow with CapeRecovery, my blind faith even baffles me sometimes but I am convinced that this is the way forward. They will be a part of the Cape Town Recovery Community, a group of inspired and talented individuals who because of their new found freedom from addiction are somehow programmed to give everything they have to help the still suffering addict out there. We must remember that addiction doesn’t discriminate and there are people from every walk of life here who see no differences between themselves and the next person in recovery, they all suffer from the same disease and they all need help and support along the journey.

I have big plans for ‘The CapeRecovery Centre’, again partly through blind faith, a centre that will be opened and will offer sponsored and free sober accommodation along with life skills training and a drop in that will be open to everyone who genuinely wants help. I’ve got proposals going out to generous funders and if it happens it happens, it’s an exciting prospect!

Sponsor an Addict
CapeRecovery – Sponsor An Addict

For the time being I am reaching out to church and other groups, particularly those in the UK, my home. The reality is that we are in the position to put 100% of any money raised to the best possible use. I have formed strong relationships with only the treatment centres and sober houses that are willing to work with me on this, meaning that if I raise enough for one person, they can give me the full treatment at half the price and in essence get two people sponsored and supported throughout the whole process. In monetary terms we are looking at about £500 a month to provide everything a person needs, we can, with permission from the client, explain just where the money has come from and update the church or other groups on the progress of the client and just how their money has been spent. We encourage this transparency and honesty and we want to form links with people who regularly do charitable things and who want to feel that they are making a real difference, not just for the individual who they are helping but for the family and all the people around them. We work with a lot of charity and voluntary projects and our clients regularly go on to contribute with helping build things in townships, helping the children of this country or supporting the homeless with soup kitchens and alike. The effect of pulling all this together is incredible and far reaching and that was our aim from the beginning. I can only ask you all to help us by joining us in our sponsor an addict scheme, helping to provide the best rehab and addiction recovery for everyone, we will do the rest. For anyone in the UK who is suffering from any addiction, process addiction or eating disorder, come to Cape Town for an effective and life changing recovery experience and you will assist the local people by simply being here with CapeRecovery as we fund places with any overseas profit that we make. We also have our partners at African Sunrise who will happily provide you with the best volunteering experience even if you are not an addict and you just want to do something great! The reality is that there are a lot of people suffering in this country and the economy is shot to bits. Racism still reigns as a backlash to the old days and it breaks my heart to see the people of my adopted country suffering. I could turn my back on it all and return to the UK but it has become my home and CapeRecovery is what I do now because I love Cape Town and it’s people and know that the future can be bright.

If you or your group are interested in support CapeRecovery or to sponsor an addict directly, then contact me at or fill in the Contact Form and I will be happy to discuss options.