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South Africa Rehab Centres

South Africa Rehab Centres

South Africa Rehab Centres are amongst some of the best in the world for drug and alcohol addictions, process and behavioural addictions and eating disorders. At CapeRecovery, I favour the Cape Town Rehab Centres but that is purely based on my love for Cape Town and it’s people, the quality of our centres doesn’t go down in other parts of the country though. Our search for quality and affordable rehab across South Africa and the world continues but they all have to link in and work with the CapeRecovery code of correct placement and patient cantered treatment for us to work with them. It’s easy to pick a bunch of centres to send people to without checking out the people behind them but we work on quality and not quantity, each persons individual recovery experience is the only thing that matters to us. Our unrivalled continued support of clients and their families right throughout the addiction recovery process and beyond is what makes us stand out. People like an independent person with professional experience who has also been through the process themselves to discuss options with, not just be pushed in a certain direction. Suitable placement is the only thing that matters to us and we won’t be bullied by the big players in the rehab business. We have linked with a great place to add to our Johannesburg Rehab Centres, this took a while and exists because we understand that although everyone wants a service like CapeRecovery, people can’t always travel to Cape Town. The benefit of being a part of what we do is that having people in different areas and following the CapeRecovery way of one addict helping another, just spreads the word of what we are doing at grass roots level in Cape Town and hoping to replicate all over South Africa.

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Cape Town Rehab Centres

We have a selection of Cape Town Rehab Centres that we work with and we have picked the best in their individual fields. For example, we work with the best addictions centre, the best dual-diagnosis clinic and the best eating disorder clinic. We asses each clients individual needs right down to their motivation and the amount of pushing they will need in order to place them in the most suitable environment, thus giving them the best possible chance of recovery. No bias, simply honest and impartial advice and information.

Johannesburg Rehab Centres

Cape Recovery is new to Johannesburg but our principles remain the same, a commitment to giving the best honest and impartial advice and information. We have selected one of the most cost effective places that gives incredible value for money with a passionate and committed team of staff. Detox and Rehab has never been easier as we will pick you up and take you directly to the facility!

So, Contact Us now for instant access to the best South Africa Rehab Centres, Cape Town Rehab Centres and Johannesburg Rehab Centres and rehab in other areas for client here and worldwide, Cape Recovery are the only impartial people who want to help everyone.

South Africa Rehab Centres

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