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Sober Retreat or Sober Holiday

Sober Retreat or Holiday – for people who have already done detox and rehab back home. (1 month – 6 months)

The Sober Retreat, Sober Break and a safe, quality Holiday for Recovering Addicts have been missing from the recovery world so we have developed the finest Sober Retreats and Sober Holidays in what is, in my opinion, the best recovery destination in the world! Ever since I found my own personal recovery four and a half years ago, I have been excited about launching this particular CapeRecovery Experience. I believe strongly that true authentic recovery from any addiction, process addiction, dual-diagnosis issue or eating disorder comes from the heart. It is a true desire to get and stay sober and it is always a personal journey. I am fortunate as I relocated to Cape Town to get and stay clean and sober after a 25 year crippling alcohol and drug addiction. I surrounded myself with the right people, those in recovery themselves and those who supported and cared about me. I cut the rest out, the negative influences we all inevitably meet along the way. I can honestly say that if I had returned to the UK and gone back to my old way of life, I almost certainly wouldn’t be here today celebrating over four years of recovery from this crippling disease. Humans helping humans is the CapeRecovery way and to me it is the only effective way to maintain and enjoy a clean and sober life, it gives you meaning and your life some purpose after decades of exile from everything and anything that mattered. This is the reason for CapeRecovery, basing and arranging the individuals recovery around the people in which they are going to be spending their time, positive influences and people who motivate us to keep moving forward even during the difficult times.

Sober Retreat, Sober Break, Sober Holiday for Recovering Addicts, Sober Retreats, Sober Holidays
Sober Retreat, Sober Break, Sober Holiday

A Sober Retreat, Sober Break and Holiday for Recovering Addicts – Sober Holidays and Sober Retreats

So, one of my fears as a clean and sober person was how would I ever have fun again? With the social anxiety and self-esteem issues based on our core-beliefs, those that inevitably come alongside addiction, how do I form true, authentic friendships again and hang onto those that mean so much to me? The answer was alarmingly simple, surround myself with the correct people and just keep on doing what’s right, maintainimg sobriety and fixing as much as possible the damage of the past. Those old friends and family will never go away and all they ever want is for you to be happy, the rest simply don’t matter. New friends become easier to find because friendships are formed on honest reasons and not by what the person or people can do for you. We do good things for other people, not for any reward but because we want to!

The CapeRecovery Sober Retreat, Sober Break or Sober Holiday for Recovering Addicts gives people from all around the world the opportunity to see a beautiful country and stay in the incredible city of Cape Town. As I said, I came here and never left but it is the ideal destination for a person who is in recovery and would like a refresher in a place where the recovery community is always doing something and there are busy and enthusiastic meetings many times every day. We now tailor a sober retreat or sober holiday for recovering addicts to the individuals needs. We arrange a stay at a five star luxury retreat with Safari and Spa days or we provide a sober living environment for the ideal place to get a true refresher course on the twelve steps or whatever route you have chosen for your recovery. We also arrange adventure tours, surfing lessons, yoga lessons on the beach and guided walks, in fact, anything that you want can be arranged for the perfect CapeRecovery brand of sober holidays, sober breaks, sober retreats or even just that much needed boost of enthusiasm that everyones recovery needs from time to time. It’s also coming up to Summer her so Sun, Beautiful Beaches and Outstanding Scenery are also guaranteed!

So, Contact CapeRecovery Today whatever type of Sober Retreat, Sober Break or Sober Holiday for Recovering Addicts you require, we make Sober Retreats and Sober Holidays occasions to remember and cherish!