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Cape Town Sober Living House

Sober Living Cape Town – Cape Town Sober Living House

It is my belief that the most important stage of a successful recovery from any addiction, process addiction or eating disorder is the period where the person leaves rehab and is planning to return to the environment from which they came and all that is involved in the process. This transition period is the point where the individual starts to experience more independence and freedom and they must manage it correctly and do everything that they have learnt in order to maintain their sobriety in the outside world. This is why I am a huge advocate of a quality sober living environment. At CapeRecovery we have not only become the Cape Town Rehab and Addiction Treatment Specialists but also the Cape Town Continued Care Specialists. Our generic Google rankings, regularly in the number one spot means that people come to us for impartial and honest advice on all thing Secondary, Tertiary, Sober Living Cape Town and of course our Cape Town Sober Living House Accommodation. People have choice and that’s what matters to us, we offer informed choice and promote only quality care by working only with places that share our values. We also get personally involved with the continued care of all our clients whilst they are staying at our Sober Living House Cape Town, by visiting them in treatment and supporting the family or close friends throughout the whole process.

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 Sober Living House Cape Town

I’m happy with the current working relationship that we have with the best sober living house in Cape Town and we have exciting plans for expansion so there will be more room for our CapeRecovery clients. I’m also aware that there is a need for lower cost and free sober living so am working towards a variety of options to secure funding for sponsored and part sponsored places and also plans in the pipeline for ‘The CapeRecovery Centre’ that will provide free sober living and encourage recovery through work training, charity and voluntary opportunities. For the meantime we have our ‘sponsor an addict’ scheme and the sober living house that we work with is expanding so more CapeRecovery clients can get the full CapeRecovery Experience throughout the entire rehabilitation process and beyond!

So, for the finest individualised care and Sober Living House Cape Town, Contact Us today and we will find you a place in the best Cape Town Sober Living House, Sober Living Cape Town has just got a lot more specialised with CapeRecovery and The Living House.