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Affordable Sober Living

Affordable Sober Living House

Continued Care, Rehab Options, Rehab Aftercare

There has been a recent development in the world of rehab and addiction recovery in Cape Town. As the number one provider of rehab, sober living and follow up care here, CapeRecovery has identified a need for adequate and affordable sober living house accommodation. When we see a problem and especially when we can’t help a client, it bothers us to the point of doing something about it in order to ensure provision is available in future. This is a pro-active response to need and one that is largely or wholly ignored by the big organisations in this business. This annoys me yet there is no point in being annoyed unless I take some action towards changing it and turning it into a positive. We will offer choice in the form of rehab options, rehab aftercare options and continued care options that you will not receive if you approach anyone else in the business. It’s a bold claim but we like bold because it makes things happen for the better!

Affordable Sober Living House, Continued Care, Rehab Options, Rehab Aftercare
Affordable Sober Living House – Continued Care, Rehab Options, Rehab Aftercare

What do you do after Rehab?

The big question for many is ‘What do you do after rehab?’ Well, ideally you look at continued care rehab options in terms of the best rehab aftercare at an affordable sober living house. I could quite easily argue the case that continued care, whatever form it takes, be it secondary rehab, tertiary rehab or a sober living environment, is the single most important point in an individuals recovery journey. It is also the point at which, after having done the hard work of getting clean and sober, the most support and guidance is needed by a recovery community. Literally anyone can stay clean and sober in rehab, they are stuck there, options and access to drugs and alcohol are almost non existent. When you arrive back in the real world it is a different picture completely, one where temptations are many, motivation can dwindle, real life and the stresses that come along with it return. This is the point at which daily maintenance of the things you have learnt and surrounding yourself with the right people is vital for a sustained recovery.

Now, I don’t want to name names and speak about specific organisations, however, I also don’t believe that bad practice should go unnoticed. I suppose we have to look at the balance between running a business at a profit and actually helping people, not just those with lots of money. I believe that a rehab has a responsibility to do everything they can to support a client through the months following their exit from the centre. I believe that because many have been stretched by paying for primary rehab at the crisis stage, there is a duty of care on the rehab to provide continued care within the individuals budget. Sadly those organisations don’t agree with me! Quality rehab is not cheap and it seems that the people with the means to help people simply aren’t interested in them unless they pay what they demand, there simply is no duty of care. And with continued support, I’m not just talking about aftercare once a week here, I’m talking about providing them with a safe place at an affordable cost (the biggest extended care provider in Cape Town has many places but fixes it’s prices at anywhere between R10,000-15,000 for what is essentially a sober living house). It’s not as if these places don’t have the funds because they have the Dutch market tied up for the time being with money from abroad giving them little or no motivation to either improve the standard of the service they offer or actually care for the people who come through their system as there will always be a steady stream of people coming through. Also, you could argue that it is in the rehabs best interest not to support people, let them fail and in the process get some return business. This doesn’t sit well with me but it will change, not only through CapeRecovery’s approach to overseas clients but also because foreign medical aid will soon seize to exist, forcing these places to either up their game or lose out. It doesn’t matter to me which way they go as either way, the client benefits and that’s all that we care about.

So, what’s the solution? Well, we have made the big decision to work with what is in my opinion, the only sober living house to share our views on providing affordable yet quality sober living. It’s a process and we are in talks all the time about how to go about providing this quality for everyone who wants it. We have bids with mayor funders and our ‘sponsor an addict’ scheme which are my solutions to the problem. It’s simple really, we do have to charge a level that seems high at first (though less than any of the other ‘sober living’ environments in Cape Town charge) due to staff costs and overheads, however with expansion and larger capacity we are closer to offering part-sponsored beds, resulting in an affordable solution. Along with the plans for the ‘CapeRecovery Centre’ still on-going, where super low cost and free sober living will be made available, whilst maintaining our high standards of quality of care, we are actually addressing a need. That to me is the key and that is why people like the way we operate in this confusing and difficult market.

So, we not only give you rehab options and promote rehab aftercare, we also work with the most affordable sober living house and are the best place to go for impartial advice about continued care, whatever stage of the recovery journey you are at, Contact Us today!