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Sober Living – Sober House Cape Town

Sober Living Cape Town

Sober Living House

Sober living homes are an ideal environment for people to live in after they have completed a more intensive program of rehab in Cape Town, other areas of South Africa and the World. The question is, how do you find the ideal Sober Living House for you? Well, we have a variety of options for every level of support that is required and we always find the best place for the individuals needs, simply get in touch and I will get back to you to discuss options. At ‘Sober Living Cape Town’ with CapeRecovery we make all the arrangements so you don’t have to. Often referred to as a halfway house, though I don’t like that term and the negative connotations it has as continued sobriety is a positive and exciting time and it’s never a negative thing to spend time living with addicts in recovery, in fact it is something I do now by choice, not necessity! They provide a unique chance for alcoholics, drug addicts and people suffering from any process addiction or eating disorder, to live life in recovery within a caring community of peers while still taking full responsibility for their lives and not having the constraints of a daily program.

Sober Living Cape Town - Sober Living House, Halfway House.
Sober Living Cape Town – Sober Living House, Halfway House.

Sober Living in a halfway house in Cape Town and South Africa

Sober Living environments vary hugely and I only get people into places that will allow us to oversee their stay and be available to assist with any issues, usually places that I have spent time living in myself. It is this unique insight into all levels of continued care treatment that makes CapeRecovery different from everyone else. We have first hand experience and we don’t just put our clients in a place, make a bit of cash, then forget about them.

The ethos of CapeRecovery Sober Living is not just about the homes in which we have clients, more an integration with the overall recovery community and all the social events, meetings, friendships and everything else that comes from really feeling and being a part of something. Cape Town Recovery community is amongst the best in the world and we want to share our experience with everyone.

The Sober Living Environment in a halfway house provides the perfect level of support and freedom because it is a difficult time leaving rehab and guarding against relapse by doing the right things and hanging around with the right people is the key in early recovery.

Essentially, there is no organisation that looks after it’s clients in such a personal way, offering lifts to meetings, airport transfers and introductions to the vast and varied CapeRecovery Community.

Overseas clients check out our The CapeRecovery Experience, South African clients simply Contact Us and we will do everything we can to help.

Sober Living Cape Town, Sober Living House, Halfway House
Sober Living Cape Town – Sober Living House, Halfway House.

So, for your perfect, fully supported, sober living house Cape Town experience, CapeRecovery are simply the best, so book into the best Halfway House that we know of and get the full CapeRecovery Sober Living Cape Town Experience, Contact Us Today!