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Secondary Rehab and Sober Living Experience

Secondary Rehab and Sober Living Experience

Secondary Rehab Abroad – Secondary Rehab Overseas in South Africa with Sober Living (including volunteering or a choice of many other activities) (3 months to 1 year)

This CapeRecovery Experience was developed through my own personal journey of spending a month in private treatment in the UK and finding that it was simply too costly to sustain for a period adequate to tackle the depth of my addiction and all the other issues. My solution was to look around for a more affordable alternative with the goal being to locate a suitable secondary rehab overseas. Secondary rehab abroad can be a lot cheaper, particularly over here in South Africa, however, I was still financial penalised because I came from the UK which I found a little unfair. At CapeRecovery, we decided that we must address this inequality by offering a secondary addiction rehab experience, be it secondary drug rehab, secondary alcohol rehab or secondary rehab for any other addiction, process addiction, dual-diagnosis issue or eating disorder, at only the lowest local prices. No longer must clients from the UK or Europe pay three or four times the prices charged to local people for exactly the same treatment and we like it that way! It works because it is fair and it encourages more people to visit Cape Town specifically for the finest addiction treatment available anywhere, allowing them the opportunity to become a part of the incredible recovery community here and at the same time offering them the best possible chance at a prolonged treatment process, resulting in a higher chance of overall success.

Secondary Addiction Rehab (Secondary Drug Rehab, Secondary Alcohol Rehab)

Whatever the addiction, be it drugs, alcohol or a process addiction, treatment during the secondary period of rehabilitation is very similar and treated in the same facility. This is because all addiction, once any substance or behaviour is removed has the same underlying symptoms and behaviour changes that need to be enforced. Time in a quality supported environment is the best and most effective way to address any addiction issue and all our secondary treatment is followed by a period in a sober living environment where the client can continue to work through all their individual issues at the same time as being supported by highly qualified professionals and others in the homely community. We also offer this for all our clients dealing with dual-diagnosis issues and eating disorders.

Secondary Rehab Abroad with Sober Living - Secondary Rehab Overseas, Secondary Addiction Rehab, Secondary Alcohol Rehab, Secondary Drug Rehab
Secondary Rehab Abroad with Sober Living – Secondary Rehab Overseas, Secondary Addiction Rehab, Secondary Alcohol Rehab, Secondary Drug Rehab

Living Clean

Whilst in the sober living environment, the client will be re-integrated into ‘normal’ life, attending social events and meetings with the recovery community in Cape Town. They will also be encouraged to take part in a variety of activities, such as surfing, personal training and yoga lessons on the beach or guided walks around the most beautiful parts of this incredible and diverse city. We also offer a variety of voluntary opportunities and projects with our friends at African Sunrise.

With CapeRecovery, Secondary Rehab Overseas or Secondary Rehab Abroad doesn’t have to cost the earth just because of where you live, for the very best, lowest cost, Secondary Addiction Rehab (Secondary Alcohol Rehab, Secondary Drug Rehab), Process Addiction Rehab, Dual-Diagnosis Treatment and Eating Disorder Treatment, simply Contact Us today!