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Rehab in Plettenberg Bay – Rehab in Plett

Rehab in Plettenberg Bay – Rehab in Plett

As is the CapeRecovery way, we always hand-pick the clinics, rehabs and treatment centres who we work with based on a shared ethos of value alongside quality and personalised care. There are a lot of options out there so it is our job to find the best places to suit the requirements of any one of our clients. This rehab in plettenberg bay does everything that we require for our clients and the staff have vast experience in the treatment of all addictions, process addictions and eating disorders. Location wise, our rehab in plett is perfect, on the south coast of South Africa and close to the beach. The centre provides a tranquil environment and comfortable accommodation all in a safe and yet peaceful space for quiet reflection during the spare time from the structured program. Our Rehab in Plett also has a relaxing area with swimming pool to exercise and relax around.

Rehab in Plettenberg Bay, Rehab in Plett
Rehab in Plettenberg Bay – Rehab in Plett

Why is our Rehab in Plett so good at treating addiction, behavioural addictions and eating disorders?

Addiction Treatment is both complex and straight forward which of course sounds contradictory! Ultimately the place a person goes for treatment must be the right environment for them, must have staff who have in depth knowledge of every specific condition and, most importantly, they must be treated as individuals. Specialised and Individualised treatment of a client is key because everyone’s priorities and needs are different and that is where so many large, mainstream rehabs fail. We love the smaller independent places as they seem to care more for the clients because there are less of them and are prepared to plan a clients care around the persons needs, rather than the old fashioned large, one size fits all approach to addiction treatment that larger organisations still adopt. Our rehab in plettenberg bay is perfect for us and our clients because it is always moving forward in the way they provide care, ultimately resulting in our clients having a considerably higher chance of success. Add this to the CapeRecovery aftercare and support with continued care and sober living options both in Plettenberg Bay and also in what I consider the recovery capital of the world, Cape Town, and you have the perfect structured recovery journey for any addiction, behavioural addiction or eating disorder!

Rehab in Plettenberg Bay, Rehab in Plett
Rehab in Plettenberg Bay – Rehab in Plett

Our Rehab in Plett is the ideal place for the treatment of all addictions, process addictions and eating disorders for people from all areas of South Africa and our speciality, clients from all around the world!

For those from other areas of South Africa it is often beneficial to get away from the area in which their problems developed and in some occasions, the people. Time out to deal with their main issue and related problems can be vital and offers the opportunity to be away from any distractions, allowing them to fully focus on their recovery. For clients from around the world this is where the real benefits come in. Coming to South Africa is a fraction of the cost of private rehab in the UK and all around the world, meaning that they can stay longer and have the time needed to truly address their addiction or eating disorder issues. As a Cape Recovery client there is the added bonus, following treatment in Plettenberg Bay and once stable, to come to Cape Town and experience the amazing sights and beauty of the city whilst staying in equally high quality continued care or sober living accommodation. There is so much to do in Cape Town with its beaches and tourist attractions. We also can integrate the client into the recovery community here with meetings every day of the week and loads of adventures and trips so they can learn to re-integrate back into a ‘normal’ addiction free life. All amongst a recovery community who are learning that the sober life can be one that is fun and full of exciting things.

Rehab in Plettenberg Bay, Rehab in Plett
Rehab in Plettenberg Bay – Rehab in Plett

A message from the owners of our chosen rehab in plett, how they treat addiction and eating disorders. Frank is also an expert in the fields of behavioural addictions such as gambling and gaming amongst others.

Addiction: Complex yet Simple

Addiction is complex. We could talk about the anonymity, connection and value garnered from MMO games; the hope, transcendence and power of the next bet; the warm void inherent in the next shot; the confidence and security of the next line; the identity and power of scapulae and thigh gaps; or the release and relief imbued in a razor blade. We could talk about these and thousands of seemingly illogical behaviours, and it demonstrates that addiction is complex.

We have not explored denial – the sheer insanity of progressively destroying any chance of life and happiness.

We have not explored the self loathing, the obsessive drive, the avoidance of those feelings that have been amplified by trauma, insecurity or a chemical imbalance.

Nor have we looked at feelings of belonging, of care, autonomy, Power and control.

We have not broached the nature/nurture debate; decades long studies involving twins, genome sequencing, upbringing, economic extremes, parenting styles, education styles, nutrition, behavioural conditioning.

What of beliefs concerning failure, defectiveness, mistrust, abuse; a self-annihilation of the soul.

Addiction is complex.

My wife and I are lucky to be running a private, independent addiction rehab with specialized, tailored treatment for people wanting freedom from their addictions.

We aspire to be the best, most thorough and comprehensive addiction treatment team in the country because our clients aren’t treated with a one size fits all approach, our clients aren’t shamed for having an illness, nor are our clients just measured in terms of their value to our bottom line.

For each of our clients there is a story of devastating entrapment, of erosion of confidence and destruction of their lives. But with each of these stories there is an ember of hope, an ember that with care, attention and skilled precision can be gently fanned to create a flame.

We understand that as unique as each of our clients are, so must their treatment programme be.

With over a century of combined experience we have assembled a relentless team who strives to help, no matter the problem, no matter how difficult the odds. Because our team understands that addiction is complex, but the solution is simple…people.

Join us today, to get recovery for yourself or your loved one. For your sake, don’t wait. We look forward to hearing from you.

Frank De Gouveia (Oasis Counselling Centre)

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Rehab in Plettenberg Bay, Rehab in Plett
Rehab in Plettenberg Bay – Rehab in Plett
So, for the finest CapeRecovery Experience at this superb treatment, counselling centre and rehab in Plett, for the treatment of any addiction, behavioural addiction or eating disorder then get in touch with our Rehab in Plettenberg and Contact Us today!