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Rehab in Plettenberg Bay, Rehab in Knysna, Rehab in Jeffreys Bay

Rehab in Plettenberg Bay (Rehab in Knysna, Rehab in Jeffreys Bay)

Since Cape Recovery was founded over three years ago, we have grown to a point where we are no longer just working in the Cape Town area, although that is the area where I live and will push all our charity efforts towards for the time being and hopefully get involved with voluntary organisations across other parts of South Africa too. Due to enquiries from the other areas of South Africa, Africa and the World, we have widened our net and still kept hold of our original CapeRecovery principles of remaining impartial and exclusively working with the best rehab centres out there. We started looking on the south coast and stumbled upon an incredible rehab in Plettenberg Bay, our search will continue for a rehab in Knysna and a Rehab in Jeffreys bay that is up to our high standards but for now addiction treatment in Plett, Jeffreys Bay and addiction treatment in Knysna are all catered for within a short distance. The search led us to follow our well worn and effective path of choosing quality over quantity and are delighted to officially link up with the best addiction treatment centre in the area. We are happy to be working with them as they will continue to help enhance the CapeRecovery name and work with us to monitor the progress of our clients whilst at the centre. The program is also excellent and the staff are amongst the most enthusiastic in regards to recovery I have ever come across. We are extremely grateful to be able to be working with them and despite the incredible quality of the place and the program, prices are competitive and fair.

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Addiction Treatment in Plett, Jeffreys Bay and Addiction Treatment in Knysna.

The treatment centre in this area is registered and equipped for detox and for rehabilitation so whatever the addiction, be it alcohol, drugs or a process addiction or even an eating disorder, then the client undergoes a thorough assessment and is provided with a supervised medical detox for as long as is required included in the price. As part of the program, they work through trauma and engage the family when required so everyone is supported, not just the person in treatment. It’s attention to detail like this that not only makes them a blessing to work alongside but also has a huge impact on the patients overall chances of a full and happy recovery, something that is also our number one priority.

The beauty of having such a close working relationship with our rehab in Plett is that we can take overseas clients from their to Cape Town for some excellent continued care and sober living options. Once in Cape Town they can enjoy some incredible activities and adventures as well as volunteering opportunities. We plan the whole process from start to finish and we believe it is the best place and the best way to begin enjoying life again, clean and sober.

So for Addiction Treatment in Plett, Addiction Treatment in Knysna or Rehab in Jeffreys Bay, Rehab in Plettenberg Bay and Rehab in Knysna, the best centre out there is accessible immediately with Cape Recovery so simply Contact Us and we will arrange everything for you!