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Traveling Abroad for Addiction Treatment

Travelling Abroad for Addiction Treatment – Treatment Abroad for Addiction Rehab

Travelling Abroad for Addiction Treatment and Treatment Abroad for Addiction Rehab  –  Medical tourism refers to the increasingly common practice of traveling across international borders with the sole purpose of obtaining health care. There are a lot of reasons for why people choose to do this but the most common is that it can be a lot cheaper to get treatment abroad, it can also mean better options. People who are dealing with an addiction, substance abuse, process addiction or eating disorder are now following the road taken by the medical tourist. They want choice and value and looking overseas is an increasing trend with a number of them are deciding that traveling abroad for rehab and addiction treatment makes sense. At CapeRecovery, rehab addiction treatment abroad becomes very simple and affordable, we make the process easy and we only charge local prices so the savings and quality of treatment options available are incredible here in South Africa.

Why choose Treatment Abroad for Addiction Rehab?

With CapeRecovery, it make total sense. In terms of the quality of treatment on offer here in Cape Town, it is the best that I have experienced anywhere, I come from an NHS background in the UK and worked in the addiction and rehab business for many years before coming to Cape Town to address my own addiction issues after 25 years of drinking alcoholically. That is why I have faith in the treatment over here and at CapeRecovery we don’t overcharge people for treatment, we in fact offer everyone the same local prices in our quality rehabs and personally guide each client through their entire recovery journey.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Rehab for the individual when Travelling Abroad for Addiction Treatment

In order for the individual client to have the greatest chance of a successful recovery they must be guided so they can choose the right rehab. A rehab facility that might be perfect for one person might not be such a good idea for someone else. There is no perfect rehab or facility for everyone as each person has very different requirements. At CapeRecovery, we do a full pre-assessment on each of our clients before they travel. We then plan the whole process with the family and the client so that when they book their flight they are safe in the knowledge that the minute they land they will be guided by us, after being met at the airport and taken directly to the most suitable treatment centre who will be awaiting their arrival. Whilst the client is here with us and in treatment, we look after the family back home and keep them informed on the progress of their loved one, we also visit the client regularly in treatment to ensure they are also kept informed about the process of addiction recovery.

Rehab Addiction Treatment Abroad with CapeRecovery

Basically, at CapeRecovery we take all the stress and uncertainty out of planning Rehab Addiction Treatment Abroad. The beauty of what we do is that our support doesn’t even end when the client is in rehab or finished treatment. Once the client has completed the agreed length of treatment, be it one month or three months, we are there to support and help with care planning to return home and offer options for extended care, sober living houses, introduction to the Cape Town Recovery Community and Voluntary Experiences if required. Many people extend their stay because they begin to love Cape Town and the feeling of recovery that it creates, surrounding themselves with new friends and beginning to find joy in life once again. We encourage this and as a part of the recovery community here, CapeRecovery is heavily involved and arranges social events and networking, making new friends easy to find. It’s my strong belief that the time taken to find a solid and firm basis for recovery in an environment like this is the key to a new life and a long and happy recovery.

So, at CapeRecovery, we don’t just make travelling abroad for addiction treatment easy, we offer the best and most comprehensive treatment abroad for addiction rehab with the finest and most straight forward way of finding the best rehab addiction treatment abroad with the full CapeRecovery Experience, simply Contact Us today and we will arrange it all for you, then pick you up from the airport to begin your recovery journey!