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Three Month Rehab – Intensive Rehab – Cape Recovery

Intensive Rehab, Three Month Rehab and Six Month Rehab – For all Addictions.

Three Month Rehab and Six Month Rehab Experiences for visitors from overseas and South Africans.

If you live in Cape Town then you will appreciate what a great place it is if you don’t then why not visit and experience a three month rehab or six month rehab, all-inclusive, Cape Recovery Experience? The treatment centres that we regularly use are well equipped to deal with all addictions, process addiction and eating disorders. Because of the high level of expertise in the recovery and addictions world, the set up here in Cape Town provides a more Intensive Rehab experience though I would still recommend a stay of three months or longer as an ideal time to deal with the addictions and the underlying issues. It takes time as addiction doesn’t happen overnight. The client will be guided by experts in the field through all the stages of recovery. Because I come from the UK myself, I know what it is like to leave home and embark upon a rehab journey abroad. It can be a daunting experience and I found it difficult but ultimately it was the best decision that I’ve ever made. I spent over £30,000 on treatment in the UK before coming over to Cape Town. That was for just over a month! To put that into perspective our complete three month rehab experience is around R150,000 which at todays exchange rate amounts to £6-7000 (about what I paid for my rent when living in London). It works to get away from the source, the area and people around where the problem has escalated. The extra support offered by Cape Recovery means that you always have a local person with local knowledge to guide you whenever you need it.

Three Month Rehab, Six Month Rehab, intensive rehab for all addictions
Rehab with CapeRecovery – Intensive Rehab, Three Month Rehab, Six Month Rehab for all Addictions

What do I get in the Three Month Rehab or the Six Month Rehab Package?

  • Access to one of the best rehabs in the world in terms of program and staff for a three month program. I have been a client in all our centres so can find the ideal one to suit you or your loved ones individual needs.
  • Full medical and Psychiatric assessment as required.
  • Full 24 hour medically supervised detox for as long as required.
  • Options after the three months to stay on for extended care or we can find you or your loved ones suitable sober living arrangements at around 500 pounds per month with support from a counsellor and the unrivalled local contact from the CapeRecovery team, available whenever they are needed.
  • The CapeRecovery personal touch – Guidance throughout the process from addicts in recovery and introductions to sponsors and friends in the Cape Recovery community.
  • Volunteering opportunities following completion of Rehab with our partners and opportunities to extend your stay with a volunteer Visa which we can assist in arranging.
  • Access and introductions to a vast recovery community with meetings in Cape town at least twice daily if required.
  • Local, professional contacts should you require any additional support whilst you or your loved one are here.
  • I will even pick you or your loved one up from the airport and transport directly to the rehab for admission! Just hop on a flight.
  • The added bonus is that for every 10 overseas visitors who come over with CapeRecovery, we sponsor and pay for a local person to access rehab who would not otherwise be given the chance!

We can also offer a Two month Intensive Rehab package for less with the same benefits as above.

So, if you want the perfect rehab in the ideal surroundings with unrivalled support then simply get in touch and Contact Us, we will arrange everything for you.

UK visitors have their own dedicated site at Cape Recovery UK. See you there and hopefully see you in beautiful Cape Town, the home of CapeRecovery.

So, for your best three month rehab, six month rehab or intensive rehab for all addictions, you know where to come, the future’s bright, the future’s CapeRecovery!