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Overseas Rehab with CapeRecovery

Overseas Addiction Treatment – Overseas Addiction Rehab

Why would you travel for overseas addiction treatment? Well, there are many reasons! Firstly, it is a lot more affordable than private treatment in most countries around the world. This is particularly the case in South Africa where CapeRecovery charge overseas rehab clients only local prices. With exchange rates and the lower cost of treatment in general, along with CapeRecovery offering the lowest prices on offer anywhere, it essentially means that for the cost of a months treatment in the UK you can have the complete rehab and recovery experience here in Cape Town for 6 months or even a year! Overseas addiction rehab, be it overseas drug rehab or overseas alcohol rehab, can be a life changing experience and a prolonged stay with us means that the underlying issues can be addressed in a supportive environment, allowing the person time and space away from the place in which the addiction began.

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Overseas Rehab

Medical tourism and even overseas rehab, is not a new idea and people have been shopping around for various medical treatments for decades. Is overseas addiction treatment and overseas addiction rehab really that much more cost effective? It is with CapeRecovery because we are a little different from the others as we don’t charge inflated prices just because the client is from overseas. We agree the local rate with the centre and charge only that along with a small fee to cover expenses during our support throughout the process. The motivation behind this is to offer more people the opportunity of finding recovery from addiction in the incredible Cape Town recovery community, it is where I eventually got clean and sober after 25 years of drinking and I love the place and have chosen to make it my home. Why is overseas drug rehab or overseas alcohol rehab a benefit to a persons recovery? I genuinely believe that getting away to a different location for an extended period of time enables the individual to have the space and the time they need to not only stop the addiction or addictive behaviours but to also tackle the underlying issues. I cannot think of a better place to do this than Cape Town with it’s breath-taking scenery and incredible recovery community. Contrary to popular belief, addiction is rarely solved in 21 days as people must essentially re-learn how to live and interact with people again. We treat all substance addictions, process addictions and eating disorders and we have specialist clinics for every eventuality.

Overseas Drug Rehab

Drugs are everywhere and addiction doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can be an addict and addiction is also very often mixed with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. These are categorised as dual-diagnosis and we have a registered dual-diagnosis clinic amongst our treatment centres. Whatever the drug addiction, we have the perfect place to detox, treat and manage the whole process and we oversea everything, ensuring that all our clients receive the best care possible. We treat all drug addictions and have clients from all backgrounds and ages.

Overseas Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol is a drug and the most commonly abused one due to it being widely sociably acceptable and available, this of course doesn’t make it any less damaging to the individual and the people close to them. We have experience both professionally and personally of alcohol addiction and are aware of the effects that it can have over a long period of time. We work with the best alcohol rehab centre and also offer help for the family of the client whilst he or she is with us, giving regular updates and support as required.

So, for the best Overseas Addiction Treatment and Overseas Rehab, CapeRecovery’s Overseas Addiction Rehab, Overseas Alcohol Rehab or Overseas Drug Rehab packages are available to everyone, simply go ahead and Contact Us now and we will arrange everything for you!