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Sober Holidays with CapeRecovery

Sober Holiday Retreat – Executive Sober Retreat

The idea of going abroad as an alcoholic in recovery frightened me when I was in my first years of sobriety as I had always associated holidays abroad with drinking. I guess that’s the mind-set of an addict and also a reason why I was only interested in the inside of bars and not the sights of many of the beautiful places around the world that I have been fortunate to visit over the years. When I came up with the notion of adding the sober holiday retreat or executive sober retreat with CapeRecovery to the already growing brand, it stemmed from my experience not only as a recovering addict and my nursing and counselling experience in the field of addiction, but also from my work over here in South Africa and my connection with what I now view as the premium place for luxury rehab, addiction treatment and the treatment of many underlying mental health conditions. The aim is to offer something for those people who are at the stage where they are clean and sober but need that bit of time away where they can have a touch of luxury and space surrounded by the natural beauty of South Africa. The famous Kruger National Park is only a stones throw away and the golf courses here are incredible, so whatever you want to do the option is yours, you can also just relax in the 5 star accommodation if that’s what you prefer. A positive thing about this beautiful place is that, unlike many places, access to laptops and phones is not limited so business can go on if necessary. The flexibility of the whole place means that you can be at any stage in the recovery process, from detox to simply taking time out in a sober environment and everything in between. If required, support from top psychiatrists, medical staff and addiction counsellors is all included making this the ideal place to consolidate your recovery and plan for the future. This addiction recovery retreat is also an ideal environment in which to address any underlying mental health issues like Anxiety or Depression that contributed to the addiction in the first place.

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Addiction Recovery Retreat

The idea of an addiction recovery retreat is not a new one and there is quite a market out there for luxury rehab. I used to believe that rehab was about strict rules and regulations and more of a tough love approach but my views have changed and, as is CapeRecovery’s way, we adapt. I now understand that recovery is a very individual process, what works for one person is not necessarily the same for the next. What we have done is given people options and the incredible thing is that we have essentially broken the market and stopped people charging inflated prices by offering the lowest prices possible for such luxury accommodation and treatment, essentially beating our nearest competitors by charging half the price that they do for their very basic packages of treatment. We do this by agreeing with and paying the centres local prices and pass that saving onto our clients. The Executive Sober Retreat or Sober Holiday Retreat really is the perfect get away whatever your recovery or mental health needs are, and with our flexibility we can tailor a package just for you, you will be surprised at the low cost.

So, for your Executive Sober Retreat, Sober Holiday Retreat or Addiction Recovery Retreat, come to South Africa with CapeRecovery for a real life changing experience and our unrivalled support and client care, simply Contact Us and we will do the rest!