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Private Addiction Rehab in South Africa – Executive Rehab

Private Addiction Rehab in South Africa – Executive Rehab.

Private Addiction Rehab in South Africa, Private Rehab, Luxury Rehab, Paid Rehab, Executive Rehab

If what you are looking for is that little bit of comfort alongside an excellent recovery community, staff and program, then we have just the place for you. We are delighted to be working with these guys at the top end of the Private Rehab market. In terms of quality, our Executive Rehab is amongst the best in the world and the surroundings are breath-taking, in the heart of South Africa. The surprising thing about this place is that you don’t need to pay the earth, in fact you will sometimes pay less than other local rehabs, ones that don’t have the surroundings and luxury! I’ll explain how we do this below as paid rehab doesn’t have to break the bank. Private Addiction Rehab in South Africa is big business, the problem is the market is swamped by people making great deals of money and the price that one person pays can be hugely different to the next. I don’t have a problem with businesses making money but I am looking for some consistency, that’s why we tie people down to a price and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, that price stays the same. This is real Luxury Rehab along with real value for money. With the CapeRecovery Experience we also offer the opportunity to visit Cape Town after your stay for continued care or a stay in a beautiful sober living home and meet the incredible Cape Town Recovery community and if you wish, we can set up a variety of voluntary experiences with our partners at African Sunrise Volunteering!

If you are opting for Private Rehab you want the best value for money alongside luxury rehab facilities, our paid rehab doesn’t have to break the bank, this is how we do it.


Private Addiction Rehab in South Africa, Executive Rehab, Luxury Rehab, Private Rehab, Paid Rehab

The reason we can lower prices is that we get the best local price we can and we ignore profit margins, we charge the usual rate for the first class Cape Recovery Support and Experience and secure places for the lowest price possible as we pay the centre local rates and you save sometimes up to 400% of prices quoted by other people in the industry. This may sound like a bold claim but surprisingly it is true and any profit that we do make we can pump back into helping the people of South Africa who have no means of paying for treatment of any kind. I don’t believe in charging people over the odds just because of where they live or their financial status, I believe in recovery for everyone who wants it and linking up with places like this enables us to continue doing that. We do what we do because we like to see people recover from addiction and we want to put everything in place to give them the opportunity to do that. With the CapeRecovery Experience, we put the whole package together so you can book for three months or even six months and the whole process is supported every step of the way.

So, if you’re looking for the best Private Addiction Rehab in South Africa, Executive Rehab or Luxury Rehab, Paid Rehab doesn’t have to break the bank as Cape Recovery have entered the high end Private Rehab market, Contact Us today and we will arrange everything for you!