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Addiction Treatment for Overseas Visitors

Addiction Treatment Overseas – For clients outside of Cape Town

Drug Rehab Abroad, Alcohol Rehab Abroad, Addiction Treatment Abroad and Eating Disorder Treatment Abroad.

Addiction is a hugely challenging and complex disease to deal with for all involved, it is important to know that addiction treatment is rarely simple or easy. Addiction combines many complex emotional problems with a powerful biological urge to keep using the substance of choice or engaging in the addictive behaviour. It deeply affects the lives of both the addict and the families and people around them. The relationship factors mixed with the physical addiction is a complicated process to fix and although people have been known to tackle it in other ways, rehab is the recognised and most effective way of treating it. As the process can be a long and stressful one, three months is an ideal minimum time to get away and engage fully into a program if at all possible. You must remember that addiction is a progressive disease and will only get worse without treatment so a bit of expense, time and effort to do it in the correct manner can dramatically cut down future relapses and admissions, saving a lot of time, money and emotional heartache in the future. Whatever Addiction Treatment Overseas be it Drug Rehab Abroad, Alcohol Rehab AbroadProcess Addiction Treatment Abroad or Eating Disorder Treatment Abroad, come to Cape Town with CapeRecovery, the best recovery community in the world and I’m happy to be a part of it!

Addiction Treatment Abroad, Addiction Treatment Overseas, Drug Rehab Abroad, Alcohol Rehab Abroad, Eating Disorder Treatment Abroad

Preparation for Addiction Treatment

When planning Addiction Treatment Overseas for you or a loved one, preparation is vital. Ending an addictive habit is very difficult and a lot more so when attempted alone. For our Alcohol Rehab Abroad and Drug Rehab Abroad clients we must consider that chemical addictions have the severe physical and emotional problems of withdrawal which need to be addressed, and following that, the compulsion to return to the behaviour or substance is naturally strong. We put contingency plans in place for relapse and support just in case. The psychological aspect of all the addictions, so for all our process addiction treatment abroad, substance addictions and eating disorder treatment abroad clients, we must also plan carefully as the addictions impose extreme emotional and social stress on the individual. As addictions have usually developed over a period of time, we essentially have to re-learn how to live.

Before you enter addiction treatment overseas, either drug rehab abroad, alcohol rehab abroad, process addiction treatment abroad or eating disorder treatment abroad, learn what to expect and what challenges are commonly faced by the addict, we are always around to help you with this. By understanding what the effects of withdrawal are, and what difficulties a patient faces in building a new life without the comfort that their addiction gave, you will be able to begin to build a sound and realistic foundation on which you can all move forward. You can Contact Us and I would be happy to answer any questions about the preparation stage.

Why contact CapeRecovery? Why South Africa?

If you are overwhelmed or concerned about yours or anothers drug addiction, alcohol addictionprocess or behavioural addiction or eating disorder then we are here to help, that’s what we do. Our advice is free, impartial and guaranteed to get you the best possible deals with the best Addiction Treatment available, I believe, anywhere in the world.

We are happy to assist with:

  • Recovery
  • Intervention
  • Alcohol Treatment / Alcohol Rehab
  • Drug Treatment / Drug Rehab
  • Inpatient Treatment / Inpatient Rehab
  • Process Addiction Treatment
  • Eating Disorder Treatment
  • Help and Support for families and loved ones of an addict

The thing to remember is that addiction doesn’t discriminate so anyone can be an addict, when you look at it that way, I find it easier to understand it as an illness. We can help anyone who really desires it and find a rehab centre to fit your budget. Programs vary a little depending on the place and using our unique pre-assessment we can find the ideal clinic for your individual needs.

Also, we have been where you or your loved ones are now, I have spent a very long time, decades, and a lot of money trying to get well. In the end I came to Cape Town, South Africa and have really never looked back. After over 20 years living through a crippling drug and alcohol addiction I am now enjoying life 3 years clean and sober and this is why I do this today, to give others that hope and opportunity. We don’t judge, we know your pain. We also know that spending relatively little on quality treatment and giving yourself a bit of time away can be an incredible, life saving move and can also save a lot of money in the long run. There is no better moment in an addicts life than that moment when they realise that they can actually live without the constraints of their addiction holding them back! I want you or your loved one to experience that feeling like I did! Addiction Treatment Overseas is certainly the most cost effective way to access quality Drug Rehab Abroad, Alcohol Rehab Abroad, Process Addiction Treatment Abroad and Eating Disorder Treatment Abroad.

We can actually do all this for you today, you only need to get on a plane and I will pick you or your loved one up from the airport myself!

  • We will get you the best price, no paying agents or middle men in the UK who are offering the same services for three or four times the price.
  • Our advice and information is totally free, we do not charge you for our service other than a small fee if you decide to come, we also have years of professional and personal experience in the addiction treatment, drug rehab and alcohol rehab fields both in the UK and here in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • We will get you into a rehab ASAP, the moment you land, no delays. I know everyone I deal with personally and it will all be planned before you even leave.
  • We only deal with rehabs that are fully accredited and that I have personal experience of, receiving regular feedback from clients, I’ve also been a patient in most of them myself!
  • There is always a solution to suit all budgets, as I said, the cost is necessary but we always keep it to an absolute minimum,  we pay the rehabs local prices and in addition, for every ten people who come from overseas we pay for one Cape Town resident who would otherwise never get the opportunity to experience recovery.

E-mail me personally today to book a rehab experience or simply Contact Us Now!

So, the choice is simple, if you want the best Addiction Treatment Overseas, be it Drug Rehab Abroad, Alcohol Rehab Abroad, Process Addiction Treatment Abroad or indeed, Eating Disorder Treatment Abroad, then the place for you is Cape Town, South Africa, with Cape Recovery!