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Rehab South Africa

Addiction Rehab South Africa – Rehab Abroad.

South Africa Rehab in Cape Town with Cape Recovery.

If you want the best quality in Rehab Abroad then look no further! We have personal experience of the best quality Addiction Rehab South Africa and access to the top Addiction Recovery networks here. We only work with the best South Africa Rehab Clinics, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres, Continued Care Options and Sober Living Houses amongst Cape Town’s vibrant and fully active and enthusiastic Recovery Community. We are fussy and have to be completely 100% satisfied with any of our facilities before we would even consider working with them. Why South Africa Rehab? Don’t pay more than you need to, at Addiction Rehab South Africa with Cape Recovery, we arrange everything for you so you just have to get on a flight, I’ll even pick you up from the airport!

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There are many agencies around who have exclusive deals with rehab centres over here in Cape Town and unfortunately, they charge UK Private Rehab prices for a stay in a Cape Town Rehab. The extra money that they charge goes straight into the pocket of the referral agent in the UK so they take your money without actually doing a thing! Although this practice isn’t illegal and is utilised in most other industries around the world, I don’t believe it is ethical in the rehab business. That is why, at Cape Recovery, we charge you what the rehab charges for a local person, we pay the rehabs local rates. The cost doesn’t go up so you pay local prices and get a lot more value, quality and length of stay for your money. We get a small payment for everyone we bring over which covers our costs so that we can continue to give our clients the best possible Cape Town Recovery experience. I was charged over the odds when I came from the UK for treatment so it’s now my goal to get more overseas people here paying a fair local price. It’s the perfect solution and for every ten overseas visitors we manage to attract we pay for a local person here in South Africa who would otherwise be unable to afford the chance at such quality addiction rehab treatment.

My personal motivation for founding Cape Recovery comes form my own battle with alcohol and other drugs over a period of 25 years. The thing that finally worked after losing everything I had worked towards was finding the opportunity by chance and coming to Cape Town for rehab. It was the best decision I ever made, getting the opportunity to be away from home in a place where I could address my problems and work towards a proper recovery. It wasn’t easy to begin with but with hard work I got better and I haven’t looked back, I am now approaching three years clean and sober!

If you want this opportunity for you or a loved one to address an addiction issue once and for all, be it substance addiction, process addiction or eating disorder then we can tailor a package for you and arrange everything, it really is that simple so Contact Us today! Rehab Abroad is a real possibility and South Africa Rehab Centres are amongst the best in the world, so travel to Addiction Rehab South Africa with CapeRecovery now, we look forward to giving you our trademark personal welcome.