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Rehab Cape Town – For visitors from the UK or Abroad.

Rehab Cape Town

UK Rehab Abroad – Rehab in Cape Town for visitors from the UK or Overseas.

Visit Cape Recovery UK for our dedicated site, or UK Rehab Cape Town for our visitors from overseas to plan your perfect Rehab Abroad. Coming from overseas to rehab is a lot easier than you would think because at CapeRecovery, we arrange everything for you. I am very fond of not only the rehab in Cape Town but the whole recovery community here, something that is integral to a full and happy recovery.

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Cape Town Rehab


UK Rehab and Overseas Rehab prices are high, ‘Rehab Cape Town’ with Cape Recovery can help with that as we charge local prices to our overseas clients meaning a saving of 200% compared to the prices you would pay coming over with anyone else! This is incredible but true and something that not only makes us popular but also happy that we are doing the right thing. So, take some time away for yourself and address your addiction problems in beautiful surroundings. We arrange everything for you and all you do is just book a flight and I’ll meet you at the airport. We’ve recently added an executive rehab a short hop away on a plane near the Kruger National Park so you can even combine luxury, safari, rehab and then the whole Cape Town experience with voluntary work on many different projects.

I used to work in an NHS Rehabilitation facility in the UK but these are few and far between and the waiting lists are very long. Drug and Alcohol treatment is seriously lacking in the UK, the approach they have used from the top down for decades doesn’t work very well. If you have a good private health insurance you can access the top ones of which there are few but if you have to pay cash, the cost can be crippling. I learnt this the hard way by spending a fortune on treatment before I arrived here in Cape Town.

This is why my passion for bringing people to South Africa, particularly beautiful Cape Town, is both personal and based on a desire to give people all the facts before they waste money on expensive alternatives. With my contacts, expert negotiating skills and stature amongst the Cape Town Rehab and Recovery Community, I can arrange a complete package of treatment with everything included, taking the stress out of the whole process. Cape Town is the perfect place to get clean and sober and stay that way, and Rehab Cape Town at Cape Recovery is the perfect way to get the most out of it, find out more here.

The main thing that makes Cape Town stand out as a recovery destination is the recovery community living in and around the city. From meetings to social events, there’s always like minded people around who want to help you in your journey. Read more about the Cape Town Recovery Community now.

Find out more about my personal journey into recovery if you’d like to or just Contact Us today and begin a new way of living, it really is a life changing experience.

We have a number of options but three months is an ideal time if you can manage it, check out our three month rehab package today!

So, For your UK Rehab quality, overseas, Rehab Abroad with Rehab Cape Town and CapeRecovery is the easiest, hassle-free option, I love Rehab in Cape Town so come and join us!