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Rehab Centres Abroad

Rehab Centres Abroad

The way that CapeRecovery has developed over time is to venture more towards sharing the great opportunity that we have been given through recovery with everyone, our primary aim has always been to help every person that contacts us in some way, be it finding affordable treatment to suit their budget, assistance in accessing free treatment for those who simply cannot afford to pay or simply offering free advice and information on all things addiction and recovery related in Cape Town and beyond. It all stems from my own personal experience of recovery from an alcohol addiction spanning over 20 years and I have now moved here permanently from the UK to mix and live with others who come from around the world to address their own drug, alcohol, process addictions and eating disorders here in Cape Town. The recovery community here is unique and there are lots of recovering addicts, meetings a few times every day of the week for all addictions and also a vibrant social life as the mixture of people from a variety of different backgrounds come together and explore their new and exciting sober lives. This community here has become the base for building and expanding CapeRecovery and we can now offer easy and fast access to Rehab Centres Abroad in the form of Cape Town Rehab Clinics Abroad, including Drug Rehab Abroad and Alcohol Rehab Abroad and treatment for all other addictions and eating disorders. There are also options in other parts of South Africa and different treatments to suit your individual needs.

Cape Town Rehab Clinics Abroad, Rehab Centres Abroad, Alcohol Rehab Abroad

Cape Town Rehab Clinics Abroad

There are many options when a person looks into entering rehab abroad and sometimes but not always, they will save you money compared to you would pay back home. At CapeRecovery we charge our clients only local prices which means we can always offer the best rehab and recovery experiences at a fraction of the price of anywhere else. We are unique in doing this and the process is simple. We do a brief but concise pre-assessment before travel and then find the best treatment suited to the individual, then we arrange everything and you just hop on a flight and I meet you at the airport. It really is as straight forward as that so check out our rehab packages for more info!

Alcohol Rehab Abroad

Check out the addiction recovery abroad page for info on Alcohol Rehab and other addiction rehabs that are available. So, for the best in Alcohol Rehab Abroad, Rehab Clinics Abroad or Rehab Centres Abroad, CapeRecovery and it’s wide array of Cape Town Rehab Clinics and addiction clinics in other areas of South Africa and the World has it all, simply Contact Us today and we will do the rest!