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CapeRecovery for The Netherlands

Overseas Rehab for Dutch Clients – South Africa Rehab for Dutch Clients

A new site specifically for our Dutch and European clients, providing overseas rehab for dutch clients, South Africa rehab for dutch clients and specifically, our speciality, Cape Town Rehab for Dutch Clients! Under the banner of RehabCapeTown, we are specifically offering Rehab Cape Town Netherlands or Rehab Cape Town Holland, if you prefer, at incredibly low monthly prices for mid to long term treatment and recovery here in the beautiful city of Cape Town and all our other locations across South Africa. It is proven that the longer a person remains in rehab and addiction treatment, the greater the chance of a full and prolonged recovery. We want all our clients to be successful so that’s why we provide all the tools necessary, working only with the highest quality rehabs and treatment centres and providing advice and information at every stage of the recovery process.

Why do we want to provide better overseas rehab for Dutch clients and why Travel with CapeRecovery Netherlands?

  • We are the only organisation who offers local prices to overseas clients, ensuring that people have an alternative to the usual practice of over charging for European visitors. We pay the treatment centres only local prices.
  • With drugs and alcohol being so freely available in The Netherlands, it is inevitable that a number of people will have an addiction problem or it will develop over time. There is also a large number of Dutch people in recovery over here in Cape Town and I know many of them personally, so there is always a welcoming atmosphere for our Dutch clients.
  • As a nurse with experience in the rehab and recovery field and an addict in recovery, I understand the costs of private rehab and addiction treatment in Europe and believe that the standard of treatment is a lot higher here and a tiny fraction of the price with CapeRecovery!
  • We don’t advise that everyone attends the same place as is happening here in Cape Town due to agreements with medical insurance and exclusive, lucrative relationships formed historically with decision makers. We are impartial and pre-asses every client and select the best centre based purely on the needs of the client and the place where their chance of a full recovery is greatest.
  • The clients recovery and well being comes first, we are transparent and will advise, based on decades of personal and professional experience in the rehab, recovery and addiction field, at every step of the recovery journey.
  • We are the only people who can offer a full price for three months or six months treatment up front without added extras. The six month package is less than is paid for six weeks by medical aid currently at one of the centres here! This makes it ideal for private clients and for when inevitable changes in the medical aid system in The Netherlands happen very soon.
  • I genuinely believe, having done it myself after a 25 year long drug and alcohol addiction, that Cape Town is the best and most supportive destination for rehab and recovery in the world.
  • We are the only people who offer the full CapeRecovery Experience, from pre-assessment, airport meeting, rehab, advice on visas, aftercare, sober living, social events with the Cape Town Recovery Community, full support for family back home and Volunteering Opportunities with our wide range of charities and projects going on in Cape Town.
  • We look at the entire recovery process, not just rehab, guiding our clients so they are able to make informed choices at every stage of the recovery journey.

You can access our Rehab Cape Town Netherlands, Rehab Cape Town Holland site now at RehabCapeTown if you’d like to take a look at how we operate with our overseas clients.

Medical Tourism is not a new concept and people regularly travel all over the world to find the best possible prices for private treatments. It makes total sense because the quality of treatment is generally excellent and the cost is considerably lower than back home and that is, of course, why people do it. Why not do the same for your complete rehab and recovery experience in Cape Town and go for our unique CapeRecovery Netherlands brand of rehab tourism? The real cost of private rehab abroad, when compared to the perceived cost that has been caused by years of overcharging, is actually a huge amount lower because people have never been quoted the prices that CapeRecovery can offer for quality rehab overseas, specifically here in Cape Town. The idea of a new and dedicated Dutch site means that we can reach a wider audience and offer addicts from the country the same opportunity that I had to find on my own. The chance of getting clean and sober amongst the incredible, large and vibrant cape town recovery community but with the added assurance that they will only  pay local prices, rather than the over-inflated and exaggerated costs charged for Overseas Rehab for Dutch clients and specifically, South Africa Rehab for Dutch clients and Cape Town Rehab for Dutch clients.

The constant aim of what we are doing is to be an integral and active part of the recovery community in Cape Town with our primary purpose of helping suffering addicts from all around the world. South Africa Rehab for Dutch Clients and Cape Town Rehab for Dutch clients is available in other places but not done in the client-focussed and individualised, CapeRecovery way.  What makes us completely unique, aside from offering reduced and affordable prices, is that by using funds made form overseas clients, we enhance the recovery experience for everyone and we sponsor places in rehab for local people who cannot access quality addiction treatment. So, everyone that comes over for the fully unique and comprehensive CapeRecovery Experience will also contribute to the welfare of local people in beautiful Cape Town. This is in addiction to the regular support we offer to local charities and will continue our work helping people that need us, regardless of their income or anything else. Rehab Abroad with Cape Recovery Holland is simple, honest and a truly life changing experience. Check out the Why CapeRecovery page to see why we are the best at what we do! Rehab Cape Town Netherlands and Rehab Cape Town Holland is a fresh new way to access Cape Town for fully supported and impartial addiction and rehab care provision.

Cape Recovery Netherlands – Cape Town Rehab for Dutch clients!

Rehab Cape Town Netherlands , South Africa Rehab for Dutch, Rehab Cape Town Holland, Cape Town Rehab for Dutch, Overseas Rehab for Dutch
Rehab Cape Town Netherlands , South Africa Rehab for Dutch Clients, Rehab Cape Town Holland, Cape Town Rehab for Dutch Clients, Overseas Rehab for Dutch Clients

Rehab Cape Town Netherlands and Rehab Cape Town Holland

So, contact us today with any questions or to do a pre-assessment and arrange a package with an incredible quote! Overseas Rehab for Dutch clients, particularly South Africa Rehab for Dutch clients and Cape Town Rehab for Dutch clients is our new passion and has never been more straightforward than with CapeRecovery and Rehab Cape Town Holland or Rehab Cape Town Netherlands!