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Luxury Rehab Retreat

Private Rehab Retreat South Africa

Private Rehab Retreat South Africa, Executive Rehab Retreat South Africa

Sometimes when a person reaches the point of accepting their own addiction and decide to do something about it, they require something a little more luxurious and peaceful than a mainstream rehab. At CapeRecovery we had the privilege of being invited over to this place and it has now become CapeRecovery’s number one exclusive private rehab retreat South Africa. Situated just a stones throw away from the Kruger National Park in Nelspruit, South Africa. The accommodation is 5 star by hotel standards and the surroundings are incredible. I’ve never been in a rehab environment that is so spacious and relaxing. I only spent one night there but it didn’t feel like a business trip, more of a mini break. Now, there is an argument that rehab shouldn’t be comfortable but there is clearly a market for this kind of luxury and comfort and I like the passion of the staff who obviously are primarily concerned about the clients recovery. I believe that rehab is what you make it and to address an addiction there must be a desire but if you have the desire, I can’t think of a better place to relax, reflect and recover. I wish I had this opportunity at the beginning of my recovery journey. The real thing that makes this Executive Rehab Retreat South Africa great is that they are flexible and with the fantastic support provided by top psychiatrists, they are experienced in dealing with mental heath issues such as depression and anxiety, alongside an addiction problem or as a stand alone treatment. Many people suffering from anxiety and depression turn to drugs or alcohol or a behaviour to escape their feelings and this retreat enables the client to address their issues in a comfortable, stunning, substance free environment.

Executive Rehab Retreat South Africa

Private Rehab Retreat South Africa, Executive Rehab Retreat South Africa

I really like this place and am excited to have them on board! I will be writing more about it soon and about our safari and surf experience, but for now, we have value packages exclusively for CapeRecovery Clients so book your Private Rehab Retreat South Africa or Executive Rehab Retreat South Africa package today, simply contact us!