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Drug Rehab Centers

Drug Rehab Centers in Cape Town South Africa

The Drug Rehab Centers in Cape Town South Africa are amongst some of the best in the world. It is no exaggeration to say that everyone is affected by drug use whether directly as a user or family member or indirectly by the crime and social problems it causes. Coping with any sort of addiction for yourself or somebody close to you is often a very scary and confusing time. A large amount of support, that is independent of an individual rehab, is often needed throughout the process and that’s where we come in. The number of treatment centres and the scale of competition for drug rehab centers in Cape Town South Africa is huge and lots of information is available out there. Unfortunately some of it may be misleading, often making it impossible to see exactly what it is you are getting and whether there may be a better option available to you for less or a similar cost. Having a good medical aid is certainly an advantage and gives you freedom of choice so you don’t need to opt for the first place you find. As I have said many times before, I do believe that the quality of addiction treatment generally here is outstanding but you must be able to make a fully informed choice as to what is the best course of treatment for you or your loved one. Check out your options rather than being pushed down a certain route. Competition in this industry means that the big organisations control a huge area of the market and it worries me that the biggest are not always the best in terms of quality of care and treatment, bad experiences often leads to distrust in the industry as a whole and this is sad because most want the best for their clients. This is essentially the reason why CapeRecovery emerged, to engage with people on a personal level away from the big organisations, to give them choice and enabling them to access independent and honest advice from someone who has found recovery themselves and has also experienced a variety of different rehab settings along their journey to sobriety. My own personal experience covers almost all of the drug rehab centers in Cape Town South Africa that we now work with very closely, so I can be somewhat impartial during the whole process. This past experience along with decades of clinical nursing experience in the addiction field make for a perfect combination of effective individualised care and impartiality. We understand that every person is different so we make an individualised assessment and from the results, we work with both the family and the client to find the most effective treatment pathway for the client. This approach certainly leads to a higher chance of a success and a prolonged recovery. A new way of life far apart from the crippling pain of addiction. Read the bit below if you want, about our approach to Drug Rehab Centers in Cape Town South Africa and the impact of addiction on the family.

Drug Rehab Centers in Cape Town South Africa

Drug Rehab Centers in Cape Town

We strive to maintain our original CapeRecovery mission statement which is to offer support to all, throughout South Africa and, coming soon, the rest of the world. The basis of it is to give everyone the best possible deal in terms of the individual cost and the quality of treatment, always finding the rehab that is best suited to the individual client. What makes us special is our care and focus around the whole family which ensures that the loved ones of the client are never left out of any part of the recovery process and can always access the quality support and help that they need to. Read more about this in Addiction – A Family Disease if you would like to see what we do and be assured that we are contactable all the time. Also included in the family section are some tips on living with and coping with a Drug Addict.

Why are the drug rehab centers in cape town South Africa the best?

We make no secret of Cape Town being our number one place for addiction rehab as it has become my own home since I got clean and sober and found recovery from a 25 year drug and alcohol addiction. I genuinely do believe that the recovery community in Cape Town is the best in the world. It is the love and acceptance of the people here that welcomed me that has made up my entire circle of friends over the last five years. My daunting and often uncomfortable experience of coming over alone from the UK to an unfamiliar and different part of the world has taught me a great deal about getting and staying clean and sober and I do believe it is now my duty to pass that on to others who need help. My life is incredible now compared to how it used to be and I want other people to experience that joy of living life again. They can get that with the correct continued care and support after rehab. So this is where Cape Recovery started and our reputation has grown rapidly because despite the difficulties in this country, we still strive to help everyone who contacts us, through our system of appropriate placement and our open and honest approach. We work very closely with all the staff at our Drug Rehab Centers in Cape Town South Africa so we can get the best deals for treatment packages. For people on a lower income or indeed, no income at all, we always do whatever we can and these people will benefit from our push to attract an array of visitors from Europe and the rest of the world to Cape Town (check out our CapeRecovery UK or site). Using it as the perfect recovery destination, they also pay local South African prices, thus getting an incredible deal as well as part enabling us to sponsor a few rehab places for the local people who are desperate. The amount of people who appreciate what we are doing and are buying into this approach is heart-warming and I would like to say a huge thank you to every one of you for your continued love and support along the way.

So, if you want the best Drug Rehab Centers in Cape Town South Africa, simply fill in this form today and Contact Us. Call, whattsap or SMS us on +27 (82) 6359419, or e-mail me personally at and then we will do everything that we can to help you.