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Cape Recovery UK

Providing affordable Rehab Tourism, Medical Tourism specifically Rehab Abroad and Rehab Overseas.

A new site specifically for our worldwide clients, mainly focussing on the UK and Europe has been launched. You can access the site now at The Cape Recovery UK Site if you’d like to take a look at how we operate with our overseas clients. Medical Tourism isn’t a new thing and people are regularly traveling all over the world to find the best prices for private treatments. It makes sense as the quality is excellent and the cost is a considerable amount lower than locally, that’s why people do it. Why not do the same for your addiction treatment and recovery experience in Cape Town and go for rehab tourism with CapeRecovery? The real cost of private rehab abroad is actually a huge amount lower than people imagine because they have never been quoted the prices Cape Recovery can offer for rehab overseas, specifically in Cape Town. The idea of a new and dedicated UK site means that we can reach a wider audience and offer addicts from all around the world the same opportunity as I found on my own, at getting clean and sober amongst the incredible and vibrant cape town recovery community but with the added assurance that they will be paying local prices rather than the over inflated and exaggerated costs usually offered to overseas clients.

The constant aim of what we are doing is to be an integral and active part of the recovery community in Cape Town with our primary purpose to help suffering addicts from all around the world. What makes us unique, aside from offering reduced and affordable prices is that by using funds made form overseas clients, we sponsor places in treatment for local people so everyone that comes over for the fully unique and comprehensive CapeRecovery Experience will also contribute to the welfare of the local people of beautiful Cape Town. This is on top of the regular support we offer to local charities and will continue our work helping people that need us, regardless of their income or anything else. Rehab Abroad with Cape Recovery UK is simple, honest and a life changing experience. Check out the Why CapeRecovery page to see why we are the best at what we do!

Cape Recovery UK

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So, contact us today with any questions, with our research done and policies checked and connections with some of the leading Medical Tourism providers, Rehab Tourism had never been more straightforward, Rehab abroad and rehab overseas has just got a lot more accessible with Cape Recovery UK!