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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Abroad

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Abroad

Alcohol Addiction is very common, ever increasing and shows no signs of slowing down. The fact that is so accessible and so socially acceptable, drinking has become the norm in many countries and cultures across the world. This is fine for most people, they can enjoy a drink and it will never become a problem. For some however, it will always become a problem and only ever get worse until something is done about it. These people need help and our alcohol rehab clinic abroad in Cape Town, South Africa is a popular place for people from all over the world. As an alcoholic and an addict myself, I look back now and see how the drinking crept up over a long period of time, decades even, so pin pointing the exact point at which it became a problem is impossible. It is a gradual addiction and like all addiction is cunning, denial is strong simply because it’s what you do, you like a drink like every one else, what can possibly be wrong with that? Well, the best way to identify if you have a problem with alcohol is to ask yourself, is it affecting and taking away from other areas of my life? If the answer is yes then you probably do have a problem and require help to work through it. We start by taking away the substance in a safe manner (stopping alone is dangerous and potentially fatal), then we address the underlying issues, the reasons for drinking, for not wanting to feel. This whole process is done safely and affordably at all of our clinics and alcohol addiction treatment abroad is the ideal way to get away from it all and find sobriety in peace.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Abroad, Alcohol Rehab Clinic Abroad


Alcohol Rehab Clinic Abroad

The concept of coming abroad for rehab is not a new one, the concept of coming to a beautiful place like Cape Town and paying affordable prices for quality addiction treatment is. Gone are the days when you must pay over the odds because we are here, in Cape Town, working with the treatment centres to give the lowest possible prices meaning that overseas clients pay local prices. It’s a simple concept and a CapeRecovery package includes everything from pre-assessment, rehab and everything else, we also arrange sober living, social connections with the recovery community of Cape Town and if required, voluntary opportunities with our network of local charities and voluntary organisations. With CapeRecovery it is not just about the rehab, it’s about the whole recovery journey where maintenance is the single most important factor to a continued and happy recovery. Our client focused approach means that we put the individuals needs first and help them make decisions through impartial support and advice at every stage of the process. We also support the families and friends of our clients whilst they are here by updating them, being available all the time for questions and suggesting options for extended care or plans for returning home.

So, if you have a problem with alcohol addiction or any addiction for that matter and want the highest quality Alcohol Addiction Treatment Abroad, at CapeRecovery you only pay local prices for our Alcohol Rehab Clinic Abroad here in Cape Town, so Contact Us today for your complete rehab package from begging to end!