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Addiction Rehab Abroad

Addiction Rehab Abroad

Drug and alcohol addiction does not discriminate on grounds of race, religion, or economic status. In fact, some of the richest people around the world are also addicted to many substances. Just take a look at the tabloids in any country and it is a clear demonstration of this reality. Addiction is a disease and as such, cannot be taken lightly and must be treated accordingly. In the past, rehab abroad has served only wealthier clients looking for rehab services outside of their native countries and there are a number of private organisations offering high quality rehab abroad. By travelling these particular patients are able to access drug addiction rehab abroad or alcohol addiction rehab abroad with an anonymity accompanied by luxury amenities that they would not be able to access at home. You can read more about the addiction rehabilitation process here if you like.

Drug Addiction Rehab Abroad

Alcohol Addiction Rehab Abroad, Drug Addiction Rehab Abroad

Alcohol Addiction Rehab Abroad

At CapeRecovery however, we work with everybody and not just the high end market. We make overseas rehab our speciality and as well as alcohol and drug addiction, we also treat all process or behavioural addictions and all eating disorders. Unlike other organisations we don’t overcharge our clients so anyone can receive the full addiction treatment with CapeRecovery and only pay local prices in the process, at least halving the prices of our closest competitors. This may sound incredible but it is down to my living here and having a close relationship with all the clinics, we essentially pay the clinic what they would charge to a local and we pass the saving onto you. The quality of our clinics is outstanding right across the board and we pre-assess every client to find the place that is suited to their individual needs. We are also with the client every step of the way, even picking them up from the airport and visiting them whilst in treatment. We have options to suit all budgets from basic but effective treatment to the more luxurious five star place that we love. Whatever you need, if you come to Cape Town or anywhere in South Africa for that matter, then CapeRecovery is becoming the only rational option.

So, for the Best Drug Addiction Rehab Abroad and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Abroad, simply Contact Us today and we will arrange absolutely everything for you!