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Cape Recovery and Rehab Abroad

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South Africa Rehab – ‘Rehab South Africa’ and ‘Rehab Africa’ with CapeRecovery

The reason that CapeRecovery has developed over time into the rehab overseas market stems from our primary aim that has always been to help every person that contacts us in some way and never turning anyone away. We always do something, be it finding affordable treatment to suit their budget, assistance in accessing free treatment for those who simply cannot afford to pay or simply offering free advice and information on all things addiction and recovery realated in Cape Town. The key to me as an alcoholic in recovery, now enjoying life, is to help others find a way through this debilitating and confusing disease in the best way possible. The perfect way to do this with our name and reputation established is to make South Africa Rehab and everything that comes along with it, available to everyone in the world. With the new ‘Rehab South Africa’ And ‘Rehab Africa’ schemes, CapeRecovery has opened the opportunity to everyone from overseas, offering Rehab Abroad at local prices that leave our opposition flailing. From my own experience at being charged more for treatment in the past, simply because I am from the UK, I have been battling with an effective way to address this problem and in the end I simply took it upon myself to tackle it. We pay centres local rates for overseas clients so that way we pass the saving onto our clients, meaning that the reality of the situation is that you will pay sometimes a quarter of what you would be charged anywhere else. The golden days are over for those charging extortionate prices but CapeRecovery’s days have only just begun! The benefit to everyone of attracting overseas visitors for an exceptional recovery experience is two fold as the traveller benefits from incredible low prices for what is, in my opinion, the best rehab and recovery experience in the world, and we also make a little bit of money to keep going and ultimately filter down to help fight the addiction problem in South Africa at the grass roots, where people simply don’t know how or have no funds to address the issues that are destroying a great nation. In short, we help local people by enlisting the help of those from abroad and at the same time provide a remarkable service. So, come over to Cape Town, or to one of our other areas and choose from a range of recovery experiences from luxury to more mainstream, all within a fair and low budget.

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The simplicity of it is that we arrange absolutely everything, we do a pre-assessment to determine the perfect place for the individual client. We then arrange the rehab stay and anything else you want included like sober living accommodation, voluntary experiences, social introductions to the Cape Town Recovery Community, everything to make your stay as worthwhile and successful as possible. Just chat to us about it and we will tailor everything to your needs, I will even pick you up from the airport, all you have to do is hop on a plane!

So, for the best quality Rehab Abroad at the lowest possible cost to you, ‘Rehab South Africa‘ and ‘Rehab Africa‘ with CapeRecovery has never been easier, Rehab Overseas at South Africa Rehab is the best and most long lasting recovery experience, Simply Contact Us Today and we arrange everything!