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Sex Addiction Counsellor

Sex and Love Addiction Treatment

Sex and Love Addiction Treatment falls into the category of process addictions, these are addictions where the problem is the individuals behaviour instead of a substance. They are however treated in a very similar way, as all addictions are essentially behaviour based. You can find out more about Sex Addiction and Love Addiction on the specific pages if you wish. The two are actually separate addictions but the lines between them are blurred and a person can have one without the other as well as both at the same time. It’s a confusing subject for everyone involved and sometimes Pornography Addiction is also involved somewhere, however, this can be totally unrelated and a separate problem completely. Very often, Sex and Love Addiction Rehab Treatment is required to address the underlying issues fully. As with all addictions it develops over time and abstinence is an important initial part of treatment. If the situation is very obvious and the persons problem is identified as Sex Addiction or Love Addiction after an initial assessment, then rehab is again the best option but we also work with an excellent fully qualified and experienced Sex Addiction Counsellor and Love Addiction Counsellor so there are options to suit the individual needs of all our clients.

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Sex and Love Addiction Rehab

When a client enters a rehab they will come into contact with people who have similar, the same and different addictions. They all share one thing however and that is addiction, whatever the substance or behaviour, the treatment works best with a mixture of different people as it enables the individual to see the real issues of addiction and the way they are similar with everyone despite the route of release being vastly different. It’s these similarities and not the differences that enable all addicts to relate and come to accept their problem, then take steps towards addressing the underlying issues that were the cause of the behaviour.

Sex Addiction Counsellor or Love Addiction Counsellor

Our Sex Addiction and Love Addiction Counsellors are specialists in their field and I don’t know of any better, that’s why at CapeRecovery we only work with them. We are very flexible and can set up a series of sessions for individuals or couples if necessary as every addiction affects the people around the addict and if they are in a relationship we need to care for both parties in dealing with what is a difficult subject to manage. We can also arrange the counsellor to work with you alongside treatment in a mainstream centre if required as well as advise in the best centres for sex and love addiction treatment.

So, for the best in Sex and Love Addiction Treatment, be it Sex and Love Addiction Rehab or a specialist Sex Addiction Counsellor or Love Addiction Counsellor, there really only is one way to go and that’s the CapeRecovery way, Contact Us and we will arrange everything!