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Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction Treatment Cape Town – Sex Addiction Rehab Cape Town

Sex and Love Addiction

Sex Addiction is a state characterized by a compulsion to participate or engage in sexual activity, particularly sexual intercourse, despite negative consequences. The idea of sexual dependence is an often debated one but certainly people do report being unable to control their sexual urges, behaviours, or thoughts. As with other behavioural or process addictions, the behaviour is what the person becomes addicted to in order to get the high or forget the feelings that are going on beneath the surface. Sex is essentially used as an escape like drug addicts use drugs or alcoholics use alcohol. Sex Addiction is now commonly treated in our top rehab facility and it is a benefit to be treated amongst other addicts as that way, the client can see that all addiction is based on behaviours and avoidance, you take away the substance or behaviour and the treatment of the underlying stuff is very similar. We have the best Sex Addiction Treatment Cape Town, Sex Addiction Rehab Cape Town and Sex Addiction Counsellor at CapeRecovery and we follow our clients all the way through treatment and beyond. We also work closely with the families and friends of those in treatment to give them a better understanding of the addiction and of process addictions in general. Sex and Love Addiction can sometimes be mixed up together in an addicts mind, they are very different but can also go together as the person often uses sex as an unsuccessful  way of trying to show or receive love. I believe that sex addiction is a more of basic addiction than love addiction because it’s less about the people targeted but more about simply getting, using and finding more sex. They are both, however,  like all process addictions, complex and require in depth support and counselling from qualified professionals. Porn Addiction can also be linked  to Sex Addiction, though again, not necessarily. Whatever the case, the effect on relationships and the partners of addicts can be devastating so often couple counselling is required for both parties to gain an understanding of the illness.

Sex and Love Addiction, Sex Addiction Treatment Cape Town, Sex Addiction Rehab Cape Town

Sex addiction can be defined as any sexually related compulsive behaviour that is interfering with normal living and causing severe stress on family, friends, loved ones, and often their work environment.  Like an alcoholic who is simply unable to stop drinking, sex addicts are unable to stop their self-destructive sexual behaviour.

The truth is, sex addicts come from all walks of life both male and female, all sexual orientations, ages and social status.  Sex addiction like any other addiction does not discriminate. Many addicts have been abused as children – sexually, physically, and/or emotionally but not all, and many also grew up in families in which addiction already existed, including alcoholism, drugs, gambling, and/or compulsive eating. Most people are also struggling with other addictions in addition to sex addiction, like a substance addiction for example, but often find overcoming sexual addiction the most difficult. For these people we would define sex addiction as their Primary Addiction and should therefore be treated as such alongside any other addictions.

So, if you think you have a Sex and Love Addiction or require Sex Addiction Treatment Cape Town or Sex Addiction Rehab Cape Town then Contact Us today and we will do everything we can to make the process as easy as possible!