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Process Addiction Rehab with CapeRecovery

Process Addiction (Behavioural Addiction) Treatment

Process Addiction Treatment – Process Addiction Rehabilitation

Process Addictions (Behavioural Addiction) are addictions associated with behaviour. They have all the characteristics of a substance addiction with the addictive behaviour being the outlet of the addiction. People use drugs or alcohol to numb feelings or cope with life and people with process addictions use other things such as sex, love (relationships), gaming, pornography, shopping etc. Essentially, if the other parts of the persons life (i.e. Social, Financial, Relationships, Hygiene) are suffering due to participating in their addictive behaviour, then they inevitably have a problem and need help. They are just as damaging as substance addictions and sometimes more so as they can go undetected for longer. CapeRecovery is the new and informed way of identifying the best Process Addiction Treatment or Process Addiction Rehabilitation in Cape Town because we are fully independent and work hard for our clients by assessing each person on an individual basis and locating a suitable place ideal for them, based purely on the information we receive and not on any loyalty to a specific clinic or rehab.

The Common Process Addictions (Behavioural Addiction)

Gambling Addiction

Sex Addiction

Love Addiction

Pornography Addiction

Gaming Addiction

Shopping Addiction

If  you’d like to find out more about specific Process Addictions (Behavioural Addiction) then visit our dedicated page here.

Process Addiction Treatment, Process Addiction Rehabilitation, Behavioural Addiction, Process Addictions
Process Addiction Treatment, Process Addiction Rehabilitation, Behavioural Addiction, Process Addictions
How does Process Addiction Treatment in Cape Town with Cape Recovery work?

I love the recovery community in Cape Town and it is the people here more than anything else that I credit with my personal recovery from a 25 year alcohol and drug addiction. In a relatively small area there are a large variety of treatment facilities helping people overcome process addictions (behavioural addiction), substance addictions and eating disorders and as a result, there are lots of people here in treatment of some kind. It is, in my opinion, true that the therapeutic effect of addicts helping other addicts has been and still is a very effective and proven method of maintaining recovery. Addicts offer support to one another as they did to me when I arrived, that supportive environment, along with the correct placement, is the secret to a long and happy life in recovery. It is not complicated and I believe that people who are vulnerable and scared need hope, people in recovery offer that hope and it then breads confidence, it’s contagious!

The most popular thing about CapeRecovery is our impartiality which I believe is the key to a good and full rehab and recovery experience. As soon as the people involved in making the decisions begin looking at it as a business their priorities and loyalties often begin to become blurred. That’s why, the way we operate is by always treating the initial enquiry with an open mind, making no pre-conceived decisions on the best course of treatment until the point where we have gathered sufficient information to make an honest and independent recommendation. The whole process is carried out by experienced triage staff and the most important thing to us is the ability to always make an impartial decision and allow the client to make an informed choice.

So, for the best Process Addiction Treatment and Process Addiction Rehabilitation, Cape Recovery is many peoples number one choice. Process Addictions (Behavioural Addiction) need not haunt you or your loved one forever, many people do get better with the best advice and support so Contact Us today!