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Love Addiction

Love Addiction Treatment Cape Town – Love Addiction Rehab

What is Love Addiction?

What is Love Addiction? – There is very little information around specifically about love addiction so a lot of what I understand about it is from what I have observed based on my own personal experience of working with and living amongst addicts of all kinds. I believe that love addiction is very real, whether it is based on make believe where a person is always planning the future with the next person they meet even if it is unrealistic and out of their reach or whether the person is in and out of relationships because they simply cannot live with being alone. I have met both these types and I believe, like other addictions, they stem from some core belief deep inside them, that they are not good enough or are nothing on their own. This is a very sad situation to be in and it is a constant battle to gain recognition and validate the individuals existence based on another person, being a couple rather than an individual. It’s an old saying that you need to love yourself before you can love other people properly but it is so true with addicts and in particular love addicts. The best way of dealing with love addiction is in the same way as other process or behavioural addictions and that is to remove the behaviour, take time out and concentrate on the underlying issues that are causing the behaviour. You don’t need a specific love addiction rehab because mixing with other addicts in a treatment centre is the best and recognised way to address these issues. An introduction to the various meetings in The Cape Town Recovery Community is also a part of treatment and this is the key to continuing the persons recovery after leaving rehab as forming ‘healthy’ social relationships is important in recovery. Love Addiction Treatment Cape Town with CapeRecovery is the complete, tailored way to address the problem once and for all.

Love Addiction Treatment Cape Town, What is Love Addiction Rehab

The good thing about the way we work at Cape Recovery is that we support the client right through the process of rehabilitation and then plan for their return back to ‘normal life’. We prepare them for the challenges and inform them of specific groups like Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLA) meetings where they will find that their situation isn’t that unusual. Once provide with the full rehab treatment and this integration back to life, we can assist with sober living and even volunteering opportunities if that’s what they want. All this gives our clients the highest possible chance of a continued and happy recovery journey.

So, I hope that answers the question What is Love Addiction? For the best CapeRecovery Love Addiction Treatment Cape Town and Love Addiction Rehab, simply Contact Us Today and we will arrange everything for you!