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Gaming Addiction

Computer Gaming Addiction Treatment in Cape Town

Video Game Addiction – Gaming Addiction Rehab

Video Game Addiction is a relatively new addition to the group known as process or behavioural addictions as the new generation of technology has essentially created another outlet for addictive behaviour to show, it is however no less damaging to an individual and the people around them than any other addiction. Computer Gaming Addiction Treatment in Cape Town is now available with CapeRecovery, and if necessary, gaming addiction rehab is a real way to treat the underlying issues and hopefully catch them early. If I am pushed to come up with a definition of video game addiction it is usually something like, ‘the excessive or compulsive use of computer games or video games that interferes with a person’s normal everyday life’. Computer gaming addiction can quickly become an obvious problem and the way to identify it is by noting any obsessive game playing, leading to isolation (socially), mood swings, lack of drive, imagination or interest in other things, all the focus being on progressing in the game and not living life in the real world. If any of this is to the exclusion or detriment of other parts of the persons life then there certainly is a problem that needs addressing. Although studies on the subject are somewhat inconclusive because they are new, my opinion is that if a person is an addict and susceptible to all kinds of addiction then gaming is often the first addiction to be detected and could well lead to other things if not addressed at this stage. As an addict myself, I have learnt that I have the potential to become addicted to anything, substance or behaviour wise and the simple way of understanding if something is a real addiction is to ask if it is negatively affecting other parts of the persons life and if they are doing it to avoid real life and the feelings they are getting. My solution is to nip it in the bud as soon as possible, address the persons addictive behaviour before it moves onto something else, encourage them to see, accept the problem and address it, thus guarding against the inevitability of the situation worsening in the future. Knowledge of addiction is power when fighting ones personal addiction.

Again, with it being a relatively new addiction, there is little in the way of research but any behaviour that is adversely affecting a persons life must be questioned. I believe that the excessive use of computer games certainly mirrors symptoms of substance addiction or other process (behavioural) addictions and being more concerned about what’s going on in the game than in their lives is extremely worrying and not normal. Symptoms would be playing many hours per day, neglecting personal hygiene, significant weight gain or loss due to playing, disruption to sleep patterns, playing when they are at work or should be focussing on other things, avoiding phone calls from friends and family, or lying and being deceptive about just how much time they spend playing games. Though Video Game Addiction is relatively new, the numbers of people accessing Gaming Addiction Rehab are growing dramatically as it is just another way in which the behaviour of addicts shows it’s face and Computer Gaming Addiction Treatment in Cape Town is not unusual and a highly effective method to deal with it.

Computer Gaming Addiction Treatment in Cape Town, Video Game Addiction, Gaming Addiction Rehab

Here are a few things to consider if you think that you or a loved one may be addicted and require help through gaming addiction rehab or computer gaming addiction treatment in Cape Town with CapeRecovery.

Are they escaping reality? – Playing to forget personal problems or to relieve bad feelings like guilt, anxiety, helplessness or depression.

Is the person pre-occupied? Thinking about gaming even when not playing and planning when they can play again.

Feeling like they should be stopping or reducing time playing? Should they play less but are unable to stop or cut down?

Are they experiencing withdrawal? Feelings of anxiety, restlessness, irritability, mood swings, anger or sadness when trying to cut down or when unable to play?

Are they neglecting important things? Risking losing relationships, job, education or career.

Are they lying? To family or others about how much they play, or trying to hide it.

Is their social life affected? Do you notice a lack of interest in other activities, seeing other people socially?

Is their tolerance changing? Needing to play for longer amounts of time, need games to be more exciting or needing to get more powerful equipment to regain the excitement it used to give them?

Are they still playing despite negative consequences? Not sleeping, late for school or work, spending too much, neglecting important stuff or arguing with others.

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, the person probably has a problem!

Gaming Addiction may also exist alongside a substance addiction such as alcohol or drugs, if that is the case we can treat both addictions together in a suitable rehab facility. We do a full pre-assessment, find the most suitable place for you or a loved one and offer support at every step of the way for the client and their family.

So, if you thing you or a loved one has a video game addiction and want help, we are the number one providers of Gaming Addiction Rehab and Computer Gaming Addiction Treatment in Cape Town at CapeRecovery, simply Contact Us today and as ever, we will do everything that we can to help!