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Process Addictions

Process Addictions (Behavioural Addictions)

Gambling Addiction

Sex Addiction

Love Addiction

Pornography Addiction

Gaming Addiction

Shopping Addiction

What is a Process Addiction (Behavioural Addiction)?

Many people suffer from process addictions (behavioural addictions), they are not uncommon and they can often go on for long periods of time undetected or unrevealed and they can also have just as damaging an effect on a persons life, and the lives of those close to them, as addictions to substances. “Process Addiction” covers a wide range of addictions, including those listed above, where the principle of addiction is the same but no addictive substance is involved. The brain releases similar chemicals to when a substance is used so it is has the same effect as a substance addiction. That effect is for the person to seek out more and more of the ‘pleasurable’ behaviour regardless of the consequences. Eating Disorders, Gambling Addiction, Sex Addiction, Love Addiction, Pornography Addiction, Gaming Addiction and Spending Addiction are all examples of Process Addictions. This type of addiction can manifest in a persons life in many overwhelming ways and sometimes sit alongside a substance addiction (alcohol/drug).

There are other less common ones but these are the main ones that crop up regularly. It is not unusual and all these addictions are treated in a similar way but with specific differences that need to be tailored to the individual, that’s why it is a specialist area of addiction treatment. An addiction can be anything and doesn’t necessarily need to be doing you physical harm, however the other harms, those related to a physical addiction such as finances, relationships, lack of social life etc. are all the same.

Process Addictions, Gambling Addiction, Sex Addiction, Love Addiction, Gaming Addiction

Process Addictions (Behavioural Addictions) & Substance Addiction

These addictions do very often go hand in hand, in fact once clean and sober, the addict often realises that they have a process addiction that they have been made aware of during treatment. This is because addiction is all about the behaviours. We hear people talking about addictive behaviour and this often comes out in other ways once the drugs and alcohol are removed from the equation. Often, during active addiction, the problem of the process addiction is usually overlooked in favour of the substance addiction. It is the view of many that the process addiction is actually the root of many peoples Substance Addiction so understanding that will help conquer your Substance Addiction. Dealing with the Process Addiction will, in essence, make the battle of staying clean and sober a lot more bearable. Process Addictions are now being recognised and treated in certain Rehab Clinics across the world usually alongside substance addiction clients. At Cape Recovery, we have access to specialist Addiction Treatment Clinics that treat process addictions. Process Addictions are very complex in comparison to substance addiction although they work on the same addictive patterns they are slightly different to treat, though the basic principles  remain the same. Many people with a substance addiction will often have at least one process addiction which is either suppressed or encouraged by the use of drugs and/or alcohol.  If you need any advice regarding a process addiction please Contact Us. We will be happy to help.


We have specialist Clinics across Cape Town and South Africa.

What Can we treat?

These Clinics can treat Over Eating, Anorexia, Bulimia & Co-Dependency. Addictions covered: Sex Addiction, Love Addiction, Gambling Addiction, Shopping Addiction, Self Harming, Exercise, Fetishes, Hand Washing, Internet, Money, Relationships, Religion, Self Injurious Behaviours (SIB)  including Self Harm, Sleep, Spending, Stealing, Television, Trichotillomania (Chronic Hair Pulling), Gaming Addiction & Work.

Our clinics have specialised programs tailored to all the main process addictions, including Gambling Addiction, Sex Addiction, Love Addiction, Porn Addiction and Gaming Addiction, they are sensitive to the nature of them and have vast experience in dealing with them all. It’s actually beneficially for a person with a process addiction to be around those addicted to substances as they soon start to realise the similarities between the two. An addict is and addict and the thing that becomes a problem can vary but the behaviours are still strikingly similar once explored.

What to do now?

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Here you can read more about process addictions including Gambling Addiction, Sex Addiction, Love Addiction, Gaming Addiction.

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So, whatever the process addictions (behavioural addictions), be it gambling addiction, sex addiction, love addiction, gaming addiction or any other addiction, then we can help you get the best possible treatment!