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Private Rehab

Private Rehab – What should Rehab Cost? Which is the Best Rehab, Best Private Addiction Rehab and Best Paid Rehab for me or my family member?

Sometimes the array of private rehab options can be overwhelming. Places often live by reputation and word of mouth but at CapeRecovery we have done our homework! My background is in providing addiction treatment and services for addicts in the UK both with the NHS and privately. I am also an addict and alcoholic in recovery myself and have experienced first hand, just what it takes to battle against a crippling 25 year addiction to alcohol and other drugs. I talk a lot about my own experiences because I find it helps our clients to know that there is a true understanding as a basis for everything that we do at CapeRecovery. The combination of experience, seeing things both as a client and a service provider certainly gives me a unique insight into the business and helps me to maintain a level of impartiality as decisions are always based only on what is best for the individual client. We choose the private addiction rehab in which to place our clients without any pressure or bias from the rehabs or the organisations themselves. They must fit our ethos and high standards of client care before we consider working with them so this ensures that we can be happy that our clients are getting the best treatment possible for any money spent. We also agree the paid rehab cost beforehand for our clients so they know that they are getting the best possible price and the best possible care for any money spent. This helps to avoid the high turnaround of people that access multiple treatment centres and spend lots of money on treatment that is unsuccessful. We believe strongly that if you have to spend hard earned money on rehab you should get the best rehab and the best value for your spending, appropriate placement and planning in the first place saves time and money and gives the best possible chance of a full and happy recovery.

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FAQ – Rehab Cost, Best Rehab, Private Rehab, Paid Rehab, Private Addiction Rehab.

Here are a couple of questions that we are asked frequently about paid rehab in general.

Is private addiction rehab necessary?

It is recognised by many, including myself that for the best possible chance of a full and prolonged recovery, rehab is the best option. That is not to say that many people don’t get and stay clean and sober through other means, they can and the most important thing is a desire to see it through. In my opinion though, an effective rehab experience gives the individual all the information and tools needed to remain clean and sober as well as providing a safe environment to detox and get away from the substance used or the behaviour (process addictions) and the people who use with or influence the individual. In terms of cost, they do vary and we work with a variety of places to suit all budgets, we only work with places that we are happy with in terms of care given and program provided.

What is the best rehab, What makes a private rehab good?

A number of factors affect the quality of a place. Staff are important, their motivation, training and approachability being the main qualities we look for. Also, the commitment to doing what’s best for the client and a desire for each and every one of the people who enter the rehab facility to get and stay clean and sober. The program that a rehab offers is also a major factor and to me comes above comfort though all our places provide both a comfortable environment and an excellent program. This may seem like common sense and it is, however, not all rehab facilities care about such things so beware. If you want some impartial advice about a particular place or have concerns over past rehab treatment then feel free to contact me at and I will be happy to look into it for you and make sure that you get the best this time around.

Private Rehab Abroad with CapeRecovery

At CapeRecovery and again as a result of my own personal experience of finding a clean and sober life here in beautiful Cape Town, we embarked upon ‘Rehab Abroad with CapeRecovery’. The idea is actually very simple and has grown into something where we can now offer fully tailored rehab and recovery packages at the lowest ever rehab cost to our overseas clients. We have packages for all addictions, process addictions and eating disorders so check out our three month and six month options, we arrange absolutely everything for you and you just jump on a plane. I even pick you up from the airport myself!

So, for the best rehab, private rehab, rehab cost, paid rehab and anything else about private addiction rehab, simply Contact CapeRecovery as we have already done the hard work for you and we want our clients to be successful!

Private Rehab
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