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Primary and Sober Living (3 months or 6 months)

Primary Rehab and Sober Living Experience (3 months or 6 months)

The CapeRecovery Experience – Primary Rehab and a quality Sober Living Home, providing addiction recovery and affordable rehab that works.

The second of our CapeRecovery Experiences consists of a month quality Primary Rehab that works followed by a longer stay in our beautiful Sober Living Home. It is my belief, and it is proven, that the longer a person stays in a supported environment, the greater their chances of remaining clean and sober. Rehab treatment is expensive and it is always our mission to give each of our clients the longest and the best quality affordable rehab treatment and the highest quality addiction recovery experience for their budget. That’s why we offer only local prices to everyone throughout the world and also why we are flexible. We don’t tie a person down to one organisation, we give choice and less expensive alternatives and this is why we introduced the Primary and Sober Living Experience. In effect, the client can stay with us for 6 months if necessary for the cost of half that period of time tied into one institution. The quality of care is also just as good, arguably better and they also receive the unique CapeRecovery support throughout.

Primary Rehab that Works + Sober Living Home - Affordable Rehab, Addiction Recovery
Primary Rehab that Works + Sober Living Home – Affordable Rehab, Addiction Recovery

This particular ‘CapeRecovery Experience’ is perfect for those who have experience of recovery but sadly have re-lapsed and need another period in treatment. Even I cannot argue against another brief spell in primary rehab and that is inevitably costly, however as our ethos is for prolonged treatment, clean time being the initial goal, any money can be better spent with us and not on a period of expensive secondary care as the big organisations would have you believe, to their advantage, of course. With CapeRecovery’s desire to give quality and choice for every budget, for the cost of a month in secondary the client can experience a longer period (three months) of professionally, arguably more individualised and supported sober living.

So that is our second CapeRecovery Experience, Primary Rehab that works in our top quality Sober Living Home, this is truly Affordable Rehab and authentic Addiction Recovery, Contact Us Today!