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The Price of Rehab

Cape Town Rehab – Rehab in Cape Town and other areas of South Africa

Throughout the last 3 years of offering honest and impartial advice to everyone and treating each client in the same polite way that is to be expected, we have learnt a lot about the price of rehab and the over-charging that is sadly far too common. We decided that there must be some consistency and a benchmark of quality so we only work with rehabs, clinics and treatment centres that are fully registered and that only ever offer the best value. We also only work with places that will make the most of any available medical aid in order to keep your personal costs as low as possible. We do provide a Rehab List but it is limited to ones that meet our standards and one’s in which we would be happy to utilise if ever a loved one required treatment. There are a lot of new places opening up without registration and this is a huge concern for us as we promote Cape Town as a venue for recovery and the unregistered places don’t help the good name of rehabs in Cape Town in general. We won’t work with these places as a matter of principle as we need a good relationship with all our partners but most importantly we want every one of our clients to have a full recovery from whatever addiction, process addiction, dual diagnosis issue or eating disorder that they need help with. There is a list of rehabs at the end of the page as I said and rehab cost is always a question that confuses many as it seems to alter so much. Essentially what we have done at Cape Recovery is check out everything that is on offer and formed partnership’s with inly the best ones, the ones offering everyone not only the lowest prices possible but also the best quality of treatment available anywhere in the world!

Price of Rehab List of Rehabs in Cape Town - What does Rehab Cost
Price of Rehab List of Rehabs in Cape Town – What does Rehab Cost

What is the Price of Rehab, how much does Rehab Cost?

The question about the price of rehab and how much does rehab cost is a question that bugs a lot of people including me. It is annoying because it varies so check out our list of rehabs in Cape Town below. The rehab list doesn’t include exact prices as these do change regularly but we always insist on every one of our clients receiving the lowest local price achievable for the highest quality treatment possible. You can get these costings when we know a bit more. Contact Us and we will use our special relationship with all our treatment centres to keep the cost as low as possible. The important thing is that every treatment centre on our rehab list is of the highest standard as we only work with the places that provide the best client care and professional support for any persons budget. The short answer to the cost of rehab is that you do usually get what you pay for and the best centres cost more money than the more basic ones. Unfortunately, the economy here in South Africa and the amount of support from NGO’s and charities, though they do what they can, is not enough. This is not to mention the government input which is inadequate at best! Provision of quality addiction treatment for the masses is not even insufficient, it is almost insignificant. This makes our job harder but we still don’t turn people away and we make every effort to source the best free and subsidised rehabs and offer support along the way for everyone who contacts us, sadly this is a big undertaking but one that we are happy to take on as it’s what we do here at Cape Recovery. So, the bottom line is yes, if you don’t have medical aid, you will usually have to spend some money, our job is to make sure that any money spent is spent wisely in order for each of our clients to receive the best possible treatment thus giving the best chance of a full and long recovery. In the long run, our process of pre-assessment and suitable placing, will avoid any unnecessary re-admissions and relapses in many cases and will ultimately save money and peoples lives. Wise spending on quality rehab treatment is money well spent when you see the results of people getting their lives back and finding a whole new sense of purpose, when viewed in those terms, the cost of rehab is worth it.

Price of Rehab List of Rehabs in Cape Town - What does Rehab Cost
Price of Rehab List of Rehabs in Cape Town – What does Rehab Cost

Rehab list – Here is a list of rehabs in Cape Town that we work alongside..

Primary Centre (For Medical Aid or Paying Clients) – This is our go to place for those with either medical aid in place or a moderate budget as for the price it provides outstanding medical detox and full rehabilitation care for the first month. The price of rehab is higher here simply because of the quality and professionalism and the centre is fully registered for both addiction treatment and dual-diagnosis treatment. We work closely with them and visit our clients regularly to ensure that they have everything that they need.

Alternative Primary Centre (For Medical Aid or Paying Clients) – This is of an equal standard and is a little smaller in size, some people prefer this, others benefit from a busier environment, we include suitability of venue in our pre-assessment. Ideal for clients wanting to get away from the City Centre and would appreciate some peace whilst maintaining the highest quality of treatment as standard.

Eating Disorder Clinic – (For Medical Aid or Paying Clients) – This is the best place in Cape Town for any food addiction or eating disorder treatment. The homely and supportive environment and the highly experienced staff make it my go to place for anything food related.

Budget Rehab – This place is cheaper in cost and a little away from Cape Town but the setting is tranquil and the staff are still of the highest standard. Ideal for private clients who need a slightly more affordable option.

Secondary and Tertiary Rehab – (For Medical Aid and Paying Clients) There is an option to stay at any of the above for secondary treatment but also the option to move to this stunning brand new homely centre both secondary rehab and tertiary rehab.

Bargain Centre – We do have a facility for people on a smaller budget, these quality places are few and far between but we like this place and as long as the client is fully committed we can arrange our lowest ever price with them.

Re-Integration Home – This is a sober house but with added support in terms of sessions with a clinical psychiatrist if and when required. They also have a slightly stricter regime than other places, focussing on re-integration at the pace of the individual.

Sober Living House (For when Primary or Secondary Treatment is completed) – Beautiful property in a lovely area, fully equipped with large swimming pool and excellent counsellor support, the perfect place to continue your recovery. It’s also a fraction of the usual rehab cost with a lot of support. Encouragement from the other housemates in the community is what makes this place such a success and pleasurable place to stay. Ideal for that transition period between rehab and ‘real life’, the ideal balance of support and freedom!

Charity and Free Rehabs – At the moment we have two on our list of rehabs in Cape Town who we work with and are hoping to increase this number. The problem is we want to maintain the quality that we offer so the search is still on to get more options for those with a low or non-existent budget. The one thing is, you can always be assured that we will do our best to place everyone who contacts us for help.

Contact Us Today with any questions, more information and costs of a specific place, or for direct admission to one of our quality treatment centres.

So, that’s our list of rehabs in Cape Town, ones that we are happy to work with and ones who share our values, which will keep growing if and when we find places of the CapeRecovery standard, from our rehab list, we hope that you find something so that the price of rehab, the total rehab cost, is kept to your budget and that any money that you do have to spend will be spent wisely with CapeRecovery!



The Price of Rehab
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