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Luxury Rehab Safari to Cape Town Recovery Experience

Luxury Rehab Safari to Cape Town Recovery Experience (3 months – 1 year)

Luxury Private Rehab Abroad –  Luxury Rehab Break, Luxury Drug Rehab and Luxury Alcohol Rehab

I used to be of the view that too comfortable a luxury drug rehab or luxury alcohol rehab environment isn’t helpful in recovery as it might cause a distraction from the real and serious reason why the person has to be in treatment. My views have changed however, having found a place that offers unrivalled 5 star accommodation in beautiful surroundings along with the best quality of medical staff and counsellors. I’m happy to accept that some people like that little bit more comfort and I’m also more than happy to work with this place and use it for CapeRecovery’s clients who would like that little bit more comfort, as I am safe in the knowledge that they will also get the best possible addiction treatment and counselling available anywhere. Luxury private rehab abroad is becoming a popular way of tackling any addiction issue and I always believe in taking the necessary time out to address all the complex issues around any addiction, however, with the top quality of accommodation usually come top prices. Well, at CapeRecovery we wanted to address that issue too so, as well as providing the best addiction treatment for everyone, we can now also offer our lowest local prices for the highest quality luxury rehab break.

The serious business of course, is dealing with the initial detox stage of the addiction rehabilitation process and if this is required, then it is carried out on admission under medical supervision, from then, the client will spend the next 21 days in our luxury rehab resort where they will be given the best program of care and support, carried out by the excellent medical staff, psychiatrists and counsellors all in the beautiful surroundings of a spacious former game reserve, modernised and furnished to the highest hotel standards. Towards the end of the stay, once they are stable and ready to progress, they will be given the opportunity to visit the world famous Kruger National Park and view the wildlife of this beautiful country. This is particularly suitable for our overseas visitors who want to see more of the country whilst they are here.

Luxury Private Rehab Abroad - Luxury Rehab Break, Luxury Drug Rehab, Luxury Alcohol Rehab
Luxury Private Rehab Abroad – Luxury Rehab Break, Luxury Drug Rehab, Luxury Alcohol Rehab

From this luxury, and as part of this exclusive CapeRecovery Experience, the client will then be taken to the airport, where they will get on a plane and take the short trip to Cape Town. On arrival in Cape Town, they will be met at the airport and taken to either the best secondary rehab facility for a further two months of quality addiction treatment or to our quality sober living home where they can explore Cape Town and it’s incredible array of beaches, take part in activities such as surfing, yoga lessons or guided walks and mix with the incredible and enthusiastic Cape Town recovery community. The beauty of this package is that our clients receive the highest quality luxury rehab experience and then get to do what I believe is the single most important thing in maintaining recovery, mixing with the right people, those who they can relate to and who want to support them in their recovery journey.

So that is how CapeRecovery do luxury private rehab abroad, book the perfect luxury rehab break, luxury drug rehab or luxury alcohol rehab experience, simply Contact Us and we will discuss requirements and arrange it all for you!