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Intensive Rehab – Primary, Secondary Rehab (1 month – 6 months)

The CapeRecovery Intensive Rehab Experience

The CapeRecovery Intensive Rehab Experience is here, we specialise in the full rehab package and the best rehab abroad. This package is specially designed for those people who don’t have a lot of free time in their lives but would like the best and most effective approach to addiction treatment and recovery from any addiction, process addiction, dual-diagnosis issue or eating disorder, in the shortest possible period of time. I always talk about time being a factor in a successful recovery and believe strongly that there is no quick fix. The bottom line about effective addiction treatment is that years of damage does time to address fully so it is unrealistic to believe it possible in 21 days or even a month. It can be done however with the correct commitment and follow up. The person is ultimately responsible for their recovery and if they truly desire it, I know it is possible. Here at CapeRecovery we would always suggest both Primary and Secondary Rehab in the form of a month in Primary Rehab followed by 2 months in Secondary Rehab as the ideal goal for a quick yet effective treatment so if three months possibly can be done the this is the way forward. If only one month is possible however, we can provide the perfect Primary treatment and then advise on correct follow up and the best possible ways of maintaining sobriety so it is an option and if that is all the time a person can manage then we will ensure that we do everything we can to give them the best possible treatment and support resulting in the highest possible chance of a sustained recovery.

Intensive Rehab - Primary and Secondary Rehab, Full Rehab Package (Best Rehab Abroad)


Primary and Secondary Rehab, The Full Rehab Package and The Best Rehab Abroad

(1 month – 6 months)

We are flexible so we are able to offer anything from a 1 month Intensive Primary Rehab, a three month Intensive Primary and Secondary Rehab and even, for those who wish to consolidate what they have learnt in rehab, an extended period of quality supported sober living. So, although we do believe that the longer a person stays in treatment, the better the chances of a full and prolonged recovery, we will get the best quality at the lowest cost available anywhere for the length of time of your choice. That’s how we work!

So, for the finest Intensive Rehab Experience, comprising of Primary and Secondary Rehab, get the Best Rehab Abroad with any Full Rehab Package from CapeRecovery, simply Contact Us today!