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Full detox, rehab, sober living and volunteering.

The CapeRecovery Value Experience

Addiction Recovery – Full detox, continued care rehab (if required), sober living and volunteering package (6 months – 1 year)

I believe that if you are going to do something, particularly if you are going to put money into it, then it should be done properly. That’s why we have the full detox and rehab, alcohol detox or drug detox, along with the full addiction recovery experience, all included in this tidy and affordable package. The experience is designed specifically with value for money in mind. It comes again from my own personal and professional experience, which I have gained as a client in rehab and recovery myself, and also as a nurse working in the addiction field for many years. When I think about effective addiction treatment, I always think about the question that aside from the desire and the quality of professional treatment, what are the vital ingredients for a complete and successful recovery from any addiction, process addiction, dual-diagnosis issue or eating disorder? To me, the next things on the list would be, those that the person in recovery surrounds themselves with, the people, and the proven ingredient, the length of time a person is in a fully supported environment. I believe the two of these together, once the client is detoxed and educated about addiction and recovery, is the way forward and that too many people re-lapse simply because they rush the process and try to be fully independent too quickly. I always say, I don’t believe in quick fixes as they simply do not work, addiction and associated problems creep up over years, even decades so they simply cannot be dealt with in 21 days or a month.

Full Detox and Rehab - Addiction Recovery, Alcohol Detox, Drug Detox
The Full Detox and Rehab, Addiction Recovery Experience, Alcohol Detox, Drug Detox, Continued Care and Sober Living with CapeRecovery.

Full Detox and Rehab – Alcohol Detox and Drug Detox

The unavoidable and most costly stage of addiction treatment for most drugs and alcohol is the detox stage (The addiction rehabilitation process). Although our goal is to save every one of our clients money, we simply cannot take any risks so we have to include the detox period, though we do always keep costs to a minimum whilst ensuring the comfort and the safety of each of our clients. Failure rates for any kind of home detox attempts and even out-patient treatments are a great deal higher than in-patient treatment and at the detox stage the client is at their most vulnerable meaning that quality medical supervision is vital. The failure is also down to the fact that most addictions are just too hard to kick when surrounded by everything that is associated with using and easy access to the substance or behaviour itself. This is why going away physically is also a huge factor in the effective recovery process. With all this in mind, we make the detox as efficient as possible and include it within the first month of primary rehab, however long it takes, so the cost is kept as low as possible and the client has a great foundation for their recovery as a whole.

Continued Care, Sober Living and Volunteering

This is where CapeReccovery thrives because instead of suggesting that there is only one particular place you can go for the next stage of treatment, we provide options for all our clients. The aim is to provide fully supported care in a recovery environment for as long a period as possible and within a clients budget. Big monopoliess in the business will not be totally honest with you that you have options, obviously it benefits them to keep hold of people as long as possible. Peoples circumstances are different and I know more than anyone that just because I come from the UK it doesn’t mean that I have an unlimited budget! The aim here is to offer options with costings for each option so the client has choice on which route to take, we can also discuss the pros and cons a particular route in an impartial and honest fashion. We have options of completeing a whoe secondary which if at all possible is the best route but we also believe that if we can give a longer supported experience with our sober living house then for example, someone can stay for three month there at the same cost as a couple of weeks in a Secondary Rehab. Both ways work and it is of course, ultimately down to the individual but I just believe in the time factor being key, the longer the better, so I would go with either option for a truly effective full detox and rehab (alcohol detox and drug detox) and the complete addiction recovery experience. Along with this full rehab and recovery experience comes the unique opportunity to get involved with one of our charity projects and voluntary opportunities with our friends at African Sunrise, this gives our clients focus and a fresh sense of purpose in their new, clean and sober, life.

So, that is the time and budget based, full detox and rehab with continued care and/or sober living, CapeRecovery Experience, for a drug detox, alcohol detox and a fully supported, planned and individualised addiction recovery journey, simply Contact Us and we will arrange everything for you!