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Families of Addicts

CapeRecovery ‘Families of Addicts’ – Supporting Addicts and their families effectively.

The families of addicts are often forgotten once the addict goes into treatment. We need to be supporting addicts but not enabling them to continue their behaviours that are affecting the family unit. Addict support is often difficult when you are too close to them to be impartial and unattached. There are a few tips on coping with an addict in the family here but sometimes an intervention is required where a trained and impartial person gets everyone together. We can arrange this at a small cost and have everything in place should the result be a positive one with the client agreeing to accept the help offered. All of our centres do involve the family in the clients recovery process but this is sometimes not enough. One can not underestimate the effect that someone’s drug addiction, drinking, behavioural addiction or indeed, eating disorder has on everyone close to them. Their lives have often been chaotic whilst caring for the person, they may be co-dependant or enabling or they may still be in denial themselves about the extent of the problem. No mother, for example, wants to believe that her son is an addict. The more support we give to families whilst their loved one is in treatment, the better they will become at coming to terms with it and preparing for the future. We provide you with all the information so you can best help an addict, getting help for an addict is usually easy through us, if the person is willing to accept help. If that is not the case and the person is a danger to themselves or others then we may have to arrange a family intervention.

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How to help an Addict Support and getting help for an Addict

So, if you need any advice or information, tips on how to approach the addict and start the process of getting them into treatment or to arrange an intervention simply Contact Us. Any direct questions then feel free to e-mail me at and I will do all I can to help.

The Families of Addicts can now get all the support they need with getting help for an addict close to them. We can tell you how to help an addict effectively by being firm yet supportive and we will offer the addict support as needed because supporting addicts is what we are good at.