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Addiction Intervention

Addiction Interventions – Support the addict into Rehab

People often over-complicate the addiction intervention process. It is really pretty simple and can be done amongst the family unit if necessary, an independent person involved is often the key as they can monitor the process and steer away from the arguments and disagreements that often crop up when families get together. If there is a sense of too much pressure then the addict can feel picked on and this can be counter productive, it must be handled with care so as to provide an environment where everyone feels able to speak honestly, openly and without fear of retribution. This is often a difficult balance to maintain. At CapeRecovery, we can help you to carry out interventions if the addict is struggling to get to rehab or make that decision or if they are still unaware of what effect their addiction is having on the rest of the family.

Intervention, Interventions and Addiction Intervention

Essentially, interventions are designed to open talks and enable the family to explain the effects that the addicts behaviour is having and often is the breakthrough that is needed to breach the subject. It is not uncommon that the addicts don’t even realise the negative side of their addiction until it is pointed out. They are usually out of control and behave awkwardly in society and towards the family. They often just need some objective feedback on their behaviour. It is through a non-judgmental, non-critical, systematic drug intervention process that the individual is able to see their own lifestyle choices and make choices to change the situation.

The key of the intervention is to help the addict understand the harm they are doing to themselves as well as to their family members and friends but not in a judgemental way. Once they begin to see their problem, the next step is to bring them into rehab for addiction treatment, in order to receive professional help for their addiction. A well managed addiction intervention is best process and it’s tested method forces the person to confront the need for help in order to break down any denial and hopefully motivate them to immediately seek treatment. The worse case scenario is that it allows the family to get their point across and plants a seed in the head of the addict which is all part of the process of acceptance. Often the addict believes that they are concealing their addiction and don’t see the extent and consequences of their problem, this is commonly known as being in denial. Educating yourself about the persons substance use or addiction will help you to support them and may prove crucial in helping the addict address their problem.

Interventions should be seen as a step in the right direction, it is pro-active and although it is true that the addict needs to want to change, the process is more about opening their eyes to the chaos and pain that their behaviour is causing. It helps to speed up the process and hopefully avoid worse consequences in the future as addiction doesn’t disappear, it only gets worse unless treated.

You must remember that addiction is a disease and that although the person is responsible for their direct behaviours, they are unwell and often don’t mean what they do or say.

Intervention is an initial step, hopefully leading to admission into treatment, we are here to make this process as easy and stress free as possible in what is a difficult time for everyone. CapeRecovery’s unique approach is flexible and we work on a sound basis of honesty and integrity, we don’t make promise we cannot keep but we do all we can to help. Contact Us to ask any questions or get help organising an intervention.

We have a brilliant intervention counsellor on board at CapeRecovery so we can arrange to come out and do a full family intervention and will put everything in place for an instant rehab admission should the intervention be successful.

Interventions don’t need to always be stressful, they usually work out better than you think, book your addiction intervention today, e-mail me direct as and see how the intervention can work for you!