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Family Support

Family Support

Intervention, Family Help and Family Treatment for a Family Addiction

Often in addiction treatment, family support is forgotten about. Whilst the focus of everyone’s efforts is helping the addict deal with their situation, the loved ones, the families and friends of addicts are left behind to deal with the damage that is left when the addict accesses treatment. Family help at this time is one of the most important yet often neglected parts of treating an addiction, it truly is a family disease, a family addiction, because it affects everyone. We make it a priority to not forget about the families and those directly affected by a persons addiction and behaviours. So, at CapeRecovery, when treating the addict we consider family treatment, what do they need? The feeling that the addict is getting all the attention and love when their behaviour has been so bad can often lead to resentments even when you as a family member or friend genuinely care and want to help. This is totally understandable and a very common reaction once the addict is in treatment and the drama of their addiction is gone. The most important thing to remember, and something that the addict will come to realise in their own time, is that they are accountable for the things that they’ve said and done but during active addiction they were acting that way because they were unwell and it’s important to try as hard as possible not to take it too personally. During the process of rehabilitation and recovery you will be given the opportunity to express how you feel and how you’ve been affected, in a controlled environment. All our centres take family support very seriously and see it as an integral part of an addicts and indeed a families, recovery. At CapeRecovery we support the families separately from the patient so there is always an independent, listening ear should you require it whilst your loved one is in treatment.

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Here’s some tips that I’ve come up with to help at this difficult time:

  • Accept the reality of the situation. Don’t be in denial. Take a step back and see that the person has an illness and some action needs to be taken but don’t bury your head in the sand. Family help requires being kind to yourselves as well as the addict.
  • Try not to rescue. The substance or addiction is inevitably using all the financial resources that the addict has and then some. Don’t keep handing over money for things that may be made up (bills, loans, food etc.). If you have to, then buy the things yourself but the person must be aware that you are not just there to fund their addiction.
  • Don’t believe promises they make and don’t make threats that you are unwilling to carry out. The addict is suffering from a disease and thus will do anything to get you off their back so promises to stop or to pay back money etc, cannot be taken at face value. If you say you’re going to withdraw support after this time then withdraw support. It sounds harsh but often it is the only way an addict will face up to the effect their disease is having on those around them.
  • Addiction is a family disease, a family addiction. Don’t let it take over normal routine and everyone else’s life. Keep your own life calm and happy and try to distance this from the addicts. It doesn’t mean you don’t care, just that you need to protect yourself.
  • Learn about the disease of addiction, this will arm you with all the knowledge you need and enable you to help the addict get proper help. With our family treatment programs we support the family and close friends of the addict too.

For further information about the CapeRecovery Support for Families and Friends of Addicts get in touch and we will be happy to help answer any questions about the recovery process. More reading can be found about detachment and the damage addicts cause in the Recovery Blog section or on my blog at AlcoholFreeMe.

So, for the best in Family Support, Family Help and Family Treatment, at Cape Recovery we treat the family addiction as a whole and not just the addict so Contact Us for an Intervention or Family Support today.