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Experience Sober Living in Cape Town

Experience Sober Living in Cape Town

Sober Living Cape Town – Cape Town Sober Living Community

Recovery is not simply about stopping using alcohol or the drugs or ending any engagement in the addictive behaviour, it’s about addressing any physical issues and psychological ones too, then it is about maintaining sobriety and ultimately learning how to live again and to begin actually enjoying life and all that it brings along. Many people get clean and sober and essentially do recover from the physical addiction but then think ‘what next?’. True recovery is about actually living clean and enjoying doing it. That is why, at CapeRecovery, we have introduced this opportunity to visit us here and experience sober living in Cape Town. Our ‘Sober Living Cape Town’ package involves the once in a lifetime chance of full engagement and living within the Cape Town Sober Living Community, the people in recovery here are vast in numbers and very enthusiastic about it. There are many meetings every day of the week and the social life that they have created, truly makes Cape Town a real recovery hub for all addictions, process addictions, dual-diagnosis issues and eating disorders. This incredible mix of people, all who have discovered a new way of life in recovery and all who are at different stages in their own personal recovery journeys, makes for a truly healthy and positive environment in which to enjoy and to learn in the early days or at any stage of a persons rehab and recovery process.

Experience Sober Living in Cape Town - Sober Living Cape Town, Cape Town Sober Living Community
Experience Sober Living in Cape Town – Sober Living Cape Town, Cape Town Sober Living Community

My excitement for the notion of Cape Town being a recovery hub comes purely from my own personal battle with a long drug and alcohol addiction. I have grown into my sobriety and although it has taken a lot of hard work, I still credit it, on the whole to the support of the guys in recovery here. My vision for CapeRecovery was to remove the distrust in the market and to bring back what matters, the vibrant recovery feel and the excitement that comes along with people battling this damaging disease and recovering together. It’s not about individual treatment centres and it’s not about exploiting people when they are at their weakest, it’s about true, honest authentic recovery amongst the best recovery minded people and the most stunning scenery that the world has to offer. We provide quality treatment by working only with the best rehabs, secondary care facilities and sober living homes but the real magic is what happens after treatment, the sustained and prolonged authentic recovery experience, one that stays with a person for the rest of their life.

So, wherever you are in recovery, maybe just finished an expensive Primary in the UK or Europe as I did, maybe you are Clean and Sober but wanting that exposure to and support from a vibrant and exciting recovery community or simply wanting a break or a refresher of the real joys of recovery and everything that it brings with it, then come to Cape Town with CapeRecovery and we will arrange everything for your perfect, individually tailored experience! We love what we do because we are an active part of the sober living community, sober living in Cape Town is not unusual, it is a way of life, experience sober living Cape Town with CapeRecovery for yourself or give a loved one the opportunity of this life changing experience where support comes naturally, Cape Town Sober Living is the fun, fully supported, new and exciting way to experience sober living in style, Simply Contact Us Today!