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Specialist Eating Disorder Experience

The CapeRecovery Specialist Eating Disorder and Food Addiction Experience

Eating Disorder Recovery – Our Eating Disorder Clinic in Cape Town

There are many specific and diagnosable types of eating disorders and you can find information on them all on the main Eating Disorder Page of this site.  We are very serious about ensuring that each and every one of our clients receives not only the best value with all of our ‘CapeRecovery Experiences’ but also receives the most appropriate and fully individualised care possible. We are fussy and we only place people solely dependant on their requirements, we always support them throughout the entire process and offer our unique support to the friends and families back home. The great news for everyone who becomes a client of CapeRecovery is that we now partner with the finest specialist eating disorder clinic in Cape Town and overseas clients can now be assured that they are receiving the best possible treatment available anywhere in the world at the lowest possible prices and not the hugely inflated prices that many places still charge for inappropriate treatment. Treating food addiction effectively is possible and so is continued eating disorder recovery, when managed correctly. It doesn’t really matter which category you or your loved one falls into, or even somewhere in between, food addiction treatment and eating disorder treatment can be professionally assessed and treated at our incredible Cape Town clinic.

This is how we work with Our Eating Disorder Clinic In Cape Town

The clinic is one of it’s kind as it possesses the perfect balance of clinical professionalism alongside a welcoming and homely environment. Clients will be pre-assessed and checks need to be made before our overseas clients travel due to the serious nature of many eating disorders and the impact on physical health. Once everyone is happy, the client will book a flight and we will pick them up from the airport and transport them to the facility where they will be given the best of care for three months. After this time we will look at the most appropriate next step, either an extension of their stay or a period of time in our fully supported sober living home during which time they can mix with and become a part of the incredible recovery community of Cape Town and join in with all our associated activities. Our special relationship with the clinic ensures that we are kept informed every step of the process and any decisions or advice will be given based purely on the well being of the individual client.

Eating Disorder Recovery - Food Addiction Treatment, Eating Disorder Clinic in Cape Town, Treating Food Addiction
Eating Disorder Recovery – Food Addiction Treatment, Eating Disorder Clinic in Cape Town, Treating Food Addiction

Food Addiction Treatment – Treating Food Addiction – How do we do it?

What is Food Addiction?

Many places don’t do Eating Disorder Treatment and Food Addiction Treatment the same way, some treat them as totally different, some treat them all as addictions and others find a balance somewhere in between as the lines between the two are often blurred and that is why time in a specialist clinic is the only effective way to determine exactly what’s going on. I do strongly believe and ensure that all CapeRecovery clients suffering from one or both are initially treated in our experienced and professional eating disorder clinic. The thing is, with the lines between the two often being blurred, the client has to be stabilised before any true diagnosis can be made. The key to the way we treat clients is to not label them unnecessarily and to encourage them that there is hope so we view it as a process and individualised treatment is vital as every single person is different. I do not agree that eating disorder clients or indeed food addiction clients should ever be treated in a mainstream rehab initially however and I would always advise CapeRecovery clients from all around the world, with any food issue to attend our excellent eating disorder clinic in Cape Town.

Why are all the CapeRecovery food related problem and eating disorder clients are treated differently and not in mainstream rehabs and treatment centres?

We want every one of our clients to be treated appropriately and not just placed in a rehab where they will just be contained and not receive the specialist treatment that they need. This is actually happening here in Cape Town and there are many people who say that they work with eating disorders but they simply don’t and are not equipped. These people are destroying lives in order to make money and we need to stop this practice. It makes us mad and it is not just treatment centres but psychologists, psychiatrists and even dietitians, taking on cases that they have no clue about.

I asked the clinical director of our eating disorder clinic how we should work with these clients in treating food addiction and encouraging eating disorder recovery and she said……

”To work effectively with an eating disorder client means knowing and understanding the self hate, the grief, the identity issues that eating disorders thrive in. To work with eating disorder clients you must have strength, courage and be firm as no one wants to hear where they are going wrong, and treating an eating disorder can get ugly. These are complex issues the person is facing up to and add in a bit of personality disorder or a co-morbid condition or dual-diagnosis issue and it really is hard work. Advice for anyone suffering would be to get talking about it. One of the reason eating disorders continue to thrive in society is because it is secretive and it is not taken seriously enough before it gets too late. Talk about the pain and get to a support group and ask people in recovery from eating disorders who they were treated by”.

I did just that when looking for guidance of how to go about treating food addiction and where to send my CapeRecovery clients for the best eating disorder recovery and food addiction treatment and I formed a unique relationship with our incredible eating disorder clinic, so book in today for a full CapeRecovery Eating Disorder or Food Addiction Experience.

So, that is the CapeRecovery way of treating food addiction and encouraging eating disorder recovery, eating disorder and food addiction treatment need proper assessment and management and that’s exactly what they do at our excellent eating disorder clinic in Cape Town, simply get in touch and Contact Us today for more info or to book this CapeRecovery Experience!