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Dual-Diagnosis Rehab and Recovery Experience

Dual-Diagnosis Rehab and Recovery Experience

Mental Health, Depression and Addiction

How do I recover from addiction and mental health when they exist together?

Our specialist ‘CapeRecovery Dual-Diagnosis Rehab and Recovery Experience’ is specifically designed for those people who have been struggling for a while with the confusion of any addiction that exists alongside a mental health problem (diagnosed or un-diagnosed). Find out more about this on our dual-diagnosis page or the depression and addiction page. The confusion and almost impossibility of correctly diagnosing an addict suffering with an active addiction and mental health problem correctly is a huge undertaking and does regularly lead to years and even decades of heartache for the person and those close to them. This is nobody’s fault, the physicians are not always given all the facts about the addiction as addicts are often dishonest about the extent of their substance or alcohol use and prescribed meds are less effective or completely ineffective when mixed in a cocktail of other drugs or alcohol. Coupled with the fact that symptoms of chronic alcohol and drug use often mask or mirror those of many psychiatric problems, especially things like bi-polar, borderline personality  disorder, anxiety or depression and addiction combined, it is a minefield for everyone. It is my experience that the only truly effective way of managing any dual-diagnosis issue is to remove the alcohol or other drugs completely, often also removing any prescribed medication too, though this is of course the drs call. Once we have a blank canvas if you like, we can then get a period of sobriety from all drugs and alcohol, re-assess the situation and if any prescribed medication is required it can be taken in a controlled environment for the first few months without the interference of other substances, with the intention being to stabilise the client in order to move forward, clean and sober but also, if still required, on only any appropriate medication for their mental health issue.

Dual-Diagnosis Rehab - Depression and Addiction and Mental Health
Dual-Diagnosis Rehab – Depression and Addiction and Mental Health

This all comes, as most things I do with CapeRecovery these days, from my time struggling with a 25-year addiction to alcohol, prescription medication, over the counter meds and other drugs and also a vague diagnosis of something like depression, anxiety or bi-polar. The thing is, I never really knew and the Drs and psychiatrists certainly didn’t and they didn’t have all the facts anyway as it is natural for an addict to hide the only thing they can hang onto, their drug or drugs of choice. After decades of false diagnosis, trials on different meds and cross addiction from one substance to another, I finally entered rehab genuinely believing that I was incurable and beyond hope. The process was slow and it involved the mammoth task of maintaining sobriety long enough to even think straight, let alone address the plethora of problems that I’d caused for myself and other people. Once finally clean and sober after 2 years of trying, I realised that there was still something lacking. This time, rather than picking up a drink which was my default behaviour for the preceding decades, I got a good dr and started on a very simple anti-depressant. After taking that for my first year of proper sobriety and recovery my life became easier, the intense depression left me and I continue taking just one tablet a day to the present day. I still have down days but that’s all it is now, just a day, and it always gets better the following day! My passion for CapeRecovery comes from this experience and my experience as a nurse in the UK and it is what drives me to get the best and most effective rehab and addiction treatment for everyone, tailored for their individual needs. At CapeRecovery we want every one of our clients to receive the best possible chance at a full and happy life in recovery.

We offer our tailored Dual-Diagnosis Rehab and Recovery Package on the same basis as all our other CapeRecovery Experiences (recommended 3-12 months) and use a brilliant dual-diagnosis registered rehab for the initial important month of detox and primary rehab. From there we tailor everything to the individuals requirements with the option of continued care or sober living with all the social events, activities and voluntary opportunities that we make available to all of our clients. It really is the perfect way to visit a beautiful country and to address the issues in an effective and to receive truly world class treatment at the ever low and reasonable CapeRecovery local prices!

So, Depression and Addiction and Mental Health are often combined and confusion is rife in a testing time for everyone involved, get to the bottom of it all with The CapeRecovery Dual-Diagnosis Rehab and Recovery Experience, Contact Us today!